ESPHome 2023.6.0 - 21st June 2023

Alarm Control Panel Core

Template Alarm Control Panel

Alarm Control Panel Core

Template Alarm Control Panel

RP2040 PIO LED Strip


RP2040 PIO LED Strip


Dark Mode 😎

Thanks to @grahambrown11 for implement a dark mode for the ESPHome dashboard! It will take the preference of your browser and is not configurable at this time.

Alarm Control Panel

@grahambrown11 also has contributed the base alarm control panel code and a template alarm control panel. This is available to use now in ESPHome, but will require Home Assistant 2023.7 or newer for the entity to show up and be control from that side.

MDI icons

You can now specify MDI icons as ESPHome images using the mdi: prefix, for example:

  - file: "my_image.png"
    id: my_image
  - file: "mdi:chip"
    resize: 32x32
    id: chip_icon

Wi-Fi enable and disable

Wi-Fi can now be enabled and disabled on demand using the wifi.enable and wifi.disable actions. It can also be set to not enable on bootup. See the Wi-Fi documentation for more details.

Release 2023.6.1 - June 23

Release 2023.6.2 - June 23

Release 2023.6.3 - June 28

Release 2023.6.4 - July 4

Release 2023.6.5 - July 10

Breaking Changes

VOC sensors

Some VOC sensors have had their default device class changed from volatile_organic_compounds to volatile_organic_compounds_parts to better align with what they are returning.


The on_data trigger (and the internal callback) for the microphone now provides std::vector<int16> instead of a std::vector<uin8_t>.

Header files moved

There are a couple of breaking changes for users who publish external_components and may use the internal APIs. See the list below for the pull requests that have been marked as breaking changes.

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