ESPHome 2022.12.0 - 14th December 2022


Bluetooth Proxy

SN74HC165 I/O Expander


Bluetooth Proxy

SN74HC165 I/O Expander

The festive holidays are coming early and bring you an ESPHome release 1 week earlier than normal. This release does not bring a bunch of new components like most releases, but instead the focus has been on upgrading the core Arduino and ESP-IDF versions used for the ESP32 based devices.


Because these core upgrade have aligned the version of ESP-IDF under the hood, ethernet is now able to be used when specifying ESP-IDF as your framework of choice.

Bluetooth Proxy

The Bluetooth Proxy has also had a whole lot of work done by @bdraco under the hood to improve the stability, speed and reliability between Home Assistant and the bluetooth devices that get proxied through. Along with some of these bluetooth changes is a change to the underlying flash partition table that ESPHome uses. OTA will work, but to fully take advantage of the performance increases for bluetooth, it is best to at least one serial flash with ESPHome 2022.12.0 or later.

Container images


This breaking change only affects you if you use docker containers directly and specify the suffix in your image.

2022.12.6 changes the way the container images are built and published. This is due to something breaking somewhere that we could not explain. It has to do with the docker manifest command which has been around for a while but always been marked as experimental so we cannot really complain.

From now on there will be no builds with tags for the -armv7 / -amd64 / aarch64 suffixes, but the main images (<version>) will be multi-arch capable and work on the 3 supported architectures.

Release 2022.12.1 - December 16

Release 2022.12.2 - December 20

Release 2022.12.3 - December 20

Release 2022.12.4 - January 20

Release 2022.12.5 - January 23

Release 2022.12.6 - January 24

Release 2022.12.7 - January 26

Release 2022.12.8 - January 27

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