Changelog - Version 1.20.0 - 21st July 2021

Number Core

Template Number

Number Core

Template Number

Havells Inverter

Anova Cooker

Havells Inverter

Anova Cooker

Here’s to another timely release bringing a few new components and a whole bunch of changes under the hood to existing ones.

Number Entities

Creating number entities in Home Assistant from ESPHome is now supported. This basically replaces creating an input_number and then importing that sensor into ESPHome as a sensor with platform: homeassistant. The state of the number can also be updated directly on the ESPHome device and will be reflected in Home Assistant.

I would like to see what other platforms people can come up with for the number component, I have a few ideas myself.

Light Changes

Unfortunately, some breaking changes had to be made:

  • For addressable RGBW lights, the brightness now also applies to the white channel (this was already the case for non-addressable RGBW lights). If you want to control only the brightness of the color channel, use the new color_brightness option.

  • For RGBW lights, the white channel is no longer normalized by the color intensity in the light.turn_on and light.control actions. In previous versions, if the red value was set to 60% and the white value to 30%, this would result in the white channel being at 50% brightness. Starting with this version, this will result in the white channel being set to 30%, as expected.

ESPHome Dashboard

Thanks @balloob for making a small, but very significant change to the dashboard cards so now people who suffer from color-blindness will know whether or not the node is online.



The Nextion component has had a major rewrite this release bringing many more features to those that use the displays. I am not sure how to describe the changes except for listing the main change points from the PR and linking to the docs for you to read yourself. Nextion TFT LCD Display

  • Sensors/binary sensors/switch/text sensors and touch have all been added.

  • Over the air TFT file upload

  • Polling has been added to all the components

  • Display on_wake/on_sleep

  • Many API helpers (get_string/get_int) have been added

Release 1.20.1 - July 27

Release 1.20.2 - July 29

Release 1.20.3 - July 30

Release 1.20.4 - August 4

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