ESPHome 2021.9.0 - 15th September 2021

AirThings BLE

H-bridge Fan


AirThings BLE

H-bridge Fan


Web Server Vulnerability

It was brought to our attention by @andir that the Web Server Component had a vulnerability in that the OTA form could be POST’d to without the basic auth credentials set in the web_server configuration. If you use the web_server and rely on the credentials for security, then you need to upgrade to 2021.9.2 or disable the web_server completely. The Security Advisory on GitHub has been given CVE-2021-41104.

Home Assistant Yellow

You get the most out of your ESPHome devices when you combine it with Home Assistant, which offers a seamless and local integration to control and manage all your ESPHome devices. Today Home Assistant launched a crowdfunding campaign for the Home Assistant Yellow, the easiest way to get started with Home Assistant and a privacy focused smart home.

API Encryption

@OttoWinter has been hard at work adding a layer of encryption to the API which utilises the noise protocol. This releases adds the capabilities to ESPHome devices, but Home Assistant (or other clients) will need to upgrade their client libraries (e.g. aioesphomeapi) before they can connect and communicate to devices with encryption. This is scheduled to be available in Home Assistant 2021.10.

Git Packages

Packages have been extended to allow loading (multiple) YAML file(s) from a git repo. Take a look at the examples to see how to use them.

Midea AC

platform: midea_ac has been changed to platform: midea in this release and has quite a few upgrades. Check the docs for the new features. Midea Air Conditioner

SDM Meters

SDM Meters have been fixed to use kWh instead of Wh as the energy unit of measurement.

Template Select/Number/Switch

The template selects, numbers and switches now have more validations on them preventing weird usage. If you do not set a lambda then you are required to make them either optimistic: true, or utilise the set_action (select/number) / turn_on_trigger (switch).

Release 2021.9.1 - September 20

Release 2021.9.2 - September 28

Release 2021.9.3 - October 7

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