ESPHome 2021.11.0 - 17th November 2021


CAP1188 Capacitive Touch Sensor

ESP32 Camera Web Server

Improv via Serial


CAP1188 Capacitive Touch Sensor

ESP32 Camera Web Server

Improv via Serial

State of the Open Smart Home

Mark your calendar for the State of the Open Smart Home hosted by Nabu Casa, Home Assistant & ESPHome and we’ll be joined by our friends from WLED and Z-Wave JS to talk about our work on making this vision a reality.

Where: YouTube

When: Saturday, December 11, at 11am PST / 8pm CET

Improv via Serial

The demo does not work in your browser. Use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

After we created Improv via BLE, we thought it might be a good idea to implement the same for serial connections. See the docs here for Improv via Serial and the website documentation for implementing a client or implementing improv in other firmware.

Entity Categories for Home Assistant

Home Assistant 2021.11 added support for Entity Categories and with this release certain ESPHome entites such as the restart switch and uptime sensors will have the config and diagnostic categories set respectively. The category can be overridden by the user in the yaml configuration.

Configuration URL

Another feature added to Home Assistant 2021.11 is the configuration URL. This allows for ESPHome devices to notify Home Assistant when the web_server is enabled and there will be a button in the Home Assistant device page to link directly to the web_server UI for your ESPHome device.


Repeat Action

@oxan has implemented a repeat action for those that want to execute a list of actions x number of times without just copying and pasting them.

Device name length

The maximum length of the device name has been limited to 31 characters to fall in line with standards and you will get an error if you try to set a device name longer than that.

BLE Sensor UUID changes

A bug was introduced in 2021.9 with the UUIDs for the ble_client sensors being reversed incorrectly. This release flips them to be the correct way around and you will need to reverse them in your YAML configuration.


When using the default resolution of 0.5 for the BH1750, the result is now divided by 2 as per the finidings of the community.

Binary sensor device classes

esphome#2703 removed the update device_class for binary sensors incorrectly in 2021.11.0. @frenck noticed this and has added it back again in 2021.11.1.

Release 2021.11.1 - November 17

Release 2021.11.2 - November 26

Release 2021.11.3 - November 27

Release 2021.11.4 - November 29

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