ESPHome 2022.10.0 - 19th October 2022

BLE Client RSSI Sensor

ZHLT01 IR Climate

BLE Client RSSI Sensor

ZHLT01 IR Climate

This month we have been busy upgrading the Bluetooth Proxy support for Home Assistant. This meant there are many PRs awaiting reviews for new components that were unable to be reviewed and merged in time. We will be trying to pack the next release.

Python Version 3.9

ESPHome now requires Python 3.9 or newer. This is taken care of if you use the Home Assistant addon or docker image. If using pip, you will need to upgrade your Python version manually before ESPHome will upgrade.

BLE Client Sensors

Due to adding a new RSSI sensor to the ble_client sensor platform, a new type configuration variable. You will get a validation error when you try to install and you have not added a type to your existing configurations.

XPT2046 Touchscreen

The xpt2046 touchscreen component has been updated to be a platform of touchscreen instead of a top level component. This requires a small change to your configuration, see XPT2046 Touch Screen Controller (Updated version) for the new way to configure.

Release 2022.10.1 - October 26

Release 2022.10.2 - November 1

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