Version 1.8.0

Waveshare E-Paper Nextion SSD1306
Waveshare E-Paper Nextion SSD1306
MAX7219 LCD Display RCSwitch Integration
MAX7219 LCD Display RCSwitch Integration
SPI Bus UART Bus Real Time Clock
SPI Bus UART Bus Real Time Clock
Uptime Sensor PN532 RDM6300
Uptime Sensor PN532 RDM6300
HMC5883L HX711 HLW8012
HMC5883L HX711 HLW8012
BMP280 INA219 INA3221
BMP280 INA219 INA3221
MH-Z19 MS5611 TCS34725
MH-Z19 MS5611 TCS34725
RGBWW Light Cold+Warm White Light Light Effects
RGBWW Light Cold+Warm White Light Light Effects

Hi everyone,

Today I have a new version of esphomelib with lots of new features and tons of time put in to present to you and I hope you’re as excited as I am to try these new things out :)

This release mainly focuses on these new features:

And if you find esphomelib great and have some of your projects using it, please do spread the word online (like Christoph Dahlen did) and/or create cookbook entries so that others can learn from your work. Of course the main objective of this website is to document esphomelib’s features, but my vision is that it also inspires others to start awesome projects ☀️

Special thanks to all the contributors for this release:

  • esphomeyaml: Add ‘only-generate’ parameter to generate command to only generate the C++ code #84 by @apeeters
  • esphomeyaml: Fix esphomeyaml logs for tls enabled mqtt brokers #118 by @johnerikhalse
  • esphomelib: Add Samsung IR codes #141 by @escoand
  • esphomelib: Add support for SNTP and RTC #76 by @brandond
  • esphomelib: Run travis jobs in parallel #123 by @lobradov
  • esphomelib: Fix typo in dallas error message #125 by @janpieper
  • esphomelib: Fix esphomelib examples #124 by @lobradov
  • esphomelib: Fix panic in binary_sensor template #111 by @nunofgs
  • esphomelib: Add ESP8266 library dependency to Arduino IDE instructions #99 by @per1234
  • esphomelib: Fixing I2C readings #98 by @exxamalte
  • esphomedocs: Note added about resetting the ESP after serial upload before OTA upload #14 by @exxamalte
  • esphomedocs: Add cookbook for dual relay cover #10 by @aequitas

And in some more personal news, you might have noticed that I was not very active in online communications (github, discord, …) and that’s partly been due to me concentrating on other stuff (university applications, work and this year’s international olympiad of informatics). But admittedly I must say being constantly active online is just very exhausting. As the next few weeks (or even months) will leave me with little time to due to the start of my studies, I plan on primarily focusing on GitHub communications. Plus I want to put an extra focus on reviewing PRs so that code submitters don’t have to wait for weeks.

Other notable changes

  • Fixed certain occasions where esphomeyaml could run into recursive dependencies

  • Fixed i2c scans not showing up via MQTT

  • Improved build times by about 60%. Now, the build time should depend on the amount of components you’re using, not the total esphomelib code base size.

  • Fixed ESP32 Touch setup mode

  • Fixed template binary sensors

  • Added the option to specify never for update_interval to never

  • Added deep_sleep.prevent and deep_sleep.enter actions

  • Fixed ESP32BLETracker surpassing the maximum code size

  • Fixed ESP32BLETracker/Beacon throwing an exception when a warning occurs.

  • Fixed FastLED effects not taking into account the light brightness

  • Fixed compatibility with Arduino core versions below 2.0.4

  • Added output.turn_on, output.turn_off and output.set_level actions.

  • Fixed the remote transmitter/receiver using the heap inefficiently on the ESP8266 (was causing reboots)

  • Fixed reliability with reading data from BME280s

  • Fixed gas resistance readings from BME680s

  • Fixed HTU21D readings only working in very verbose mode

  • Sometimes the ESP would create a WiFi hotspot even though it was not configured to do so. That should be fixed now.

  • You can now also have conditional actions. See if Action.

  • The esphomeyaml dashboard and add-on now can be configured with a password.

  • Fixed YAML anchors not working (you can now prefix keys with . to make esphomeyaml ignore them)

  • Made Dallas and DHT temperature sensor a bit more reliable by making the code a bit more efficient and thus resolving some timing issues.

  • A heartbeat filter has been added to binary sensors.

  • The on_loop trigger has been added.

  • esphomeyaml now know about more ESP8266/ESP32 boards, so now you can use the board-specific pin names with even more board types.

  • The mqtt client has a new option shutdown_message which will be sent when the board shuts down safely.

  • In actions, instead of

        - switch.turn_on:
            id: my_switch

    You can now write:

        - switch.turn_on: my_switch

    Or even shorter:

      - switch.turn_on: my_switch

Breaking Changes

  • The core configuration has been reworked a bit to a) make using different arduino framework version easier and b) make editing your local esphomelib copy easier.
  • Light Effects now need to be manually declared in the config and will no longer show up automatically. Please see Light Effects
  • MAX6675 has been migrated to use the new SPI bus (and fixed!). Please see the docs for how to use it now.

Changes in 1.8.1

  • esphomeyaml: Limit upload speed to 115200 #122
  • esphomeyaml: Fix docker installs using old platformio version #125
  • esphomedocs: Waveshare E-Paper: 1.54in display works #22 by @fabaff

Changes in 1.8.2

  • esphomedocs: Update custom sensor docs #25
  • esphomedocs: Fix typo in warning message #18 by @janpieper
  • esphomedocs: Add alternative SPI pin names #24
  • esphomelib: Add toggle payload to MQTT switch component #152
  • esphomelib: Update custom sensor example #154
  • esphomelib: Optimize MQTT client memory consumption a bit #155
  • esphomelib: Fix binary sensor initial value reporting #156
  • esphomeyaml: Fix binary sensor heartbeat not working #130
  • esphomeyaml: Fix MQTT discovery enabled when discovery_retain in config #131
  • esphomelib: Fix binary sensor heartbeat filter #157
  • esphomelib: Fix SSD1306 reset order for i2c #159
  • esphomeyaml: Fix SSD1306 lambda #132
  • esphomeyaml: Enable Travis Tests #133
  • esphomedocs: Fix typo in display docs #26 by @jblb
  • esphomeyaml: Auto-Update esphomelib dev version #134
  • esphomeyaml: Add SSD1306 64x48 display #136
  • esphomedocs: Typo in display docs #28 by @yuanl
  • esphomedocs: Typo fix. #33 by @corbanmailloux
  • esphomelib: Fix typo “noting” #172 by @TheJulianJES
  • esphomedocs: Added docker local USB port mapping #31 by @ladefoged81
  • esphomedocs: Fixed typo #30 by @ladefoged81
  • esphomedocs: Add missing (required) name to example. #29 by @corbanmailloux
  • esphomedocs: Add ESP32 BLE workaround docs #34
  • esphomelib: Apply effect after changing colors #169 by @TheJulianJES
  • esphomelib: Add 64x48 SSD1306 Display #161
  • esphomedocs: Fix output link #35
  • esphomedocs: Fix pulse counter API typo #36
  • esphomedocs: Fix display docs format typo #37
  • esphomeyaml: Fix serial monitor opening when logger disabled #138
  • esphomeyaml: Add clean MQTT button to dashboard #139
  • esphomeyaml: Fix using unicode in lambdas #141
  • esphomeyaml: Bump platformio-espressif32 to 1.4.0 #142
  • esphomeyaml: Docker default to starting dashboard #143
  • esphomedocs: Improve WiFi&Manual IP docs #38
  • esphomedocs: Fix PN532 update_interval typo #39
  • esphomedocs: Fix Sonoff S20/4CH example configurations #40
  • esphomelib: Split FastLED header from source #175
  • esphomelib: Fix WiFi AP-only mode #177
  • esphomelib: Fix RC Switch Transmitters #178
  • esphomelib: Use dynamic JSON buffer #179
  • esphomelib: Web Server Print incoming requests #180
  • esphomelib: Add option to have different log level over MQTT #176
  • esphomelib: Fix MQTT login with anonymous credentials #182
  • esphomelib: WiFi: Add power save mode option #181
  • esphomeyaml: Fix component loader value error #149
  • esphomelib: Fix VectorJsonBuffer for ESP8266 (unaligned address) #183
  • esphomedocs: WiFi: Add power save mode option #41
  • esphomedocs: Add SSD1306 64x48 Display #27
  • esphomeyaml: WiFi: Add power save mode option #150