ESPHome 2023.10.0 - 18th October 2023



This release is quite small as myself (@jesserockz) and @kbx81 have been focusing on voice_assistant updates and preparations for the Year of the Voice - Chapter 4.

Check out the stream replay here:

XOR Condition

A new xor condition has been added to the automation engine. This condition will only be true when a single condition in the list is true.

Release 2023.10.1 - October 19

Release 2023.10.2 - October 24

Release 2023.10.3 - October 24

Release 2023.10.4 - October 30

Release 2023.10.5 - November 1

Release 2023.10.6 - November 3

Breaking changes

The SHT3x had a heater_enabled config option added in the 2023.9.0 release with a default value of true. This has been flipped this release to be false as it started causing issues with various sensors.

The SPS30 number concentration sensors had their units fixed to be #/cm³ instead of #/m³.

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