ESPHome 2021.12.0 - 11th December 2021

Button Core

Template Button

Restart Button

Button Core

Template Button

Restart Button

BLE Binary Output

Tuya Text Sensor

SDP800 Series

BLE Binary Output

Tuya Text Sensor

SDP800 Series


State of the Open Smart Home

Today is the State of the Open Smart Home hosted by Nabu Casa, Home Assistant & ESPHome and we’ll be joined by our friends from WLED, Z-Wave JS, Stanford’s OVAL lab and Northeastern University to talk about our work on making this vision a reality.

Where: YouTube

When: Today, Saturday, December 11, at 11am PST / 8pm CET


This release brings buttons from Home Assistant. Many times there have been questions on how to simply trigger automations from the Home Assistant frontend with a button so here you go. Here is a very simple example:

  - platform: template
    name: Test Button
        - logger.log: "The button was pressed!!!"

Multiple WiFi networks with static IP

This release has a fix that allows using multiple networks each with their own static IP address configuration. When using these options, you must also set wifi -> use_address when installing new firmware as ESPHome cannot know which IP address to use automatically.

The Dashboard and secrets

The ESPHome Dashboard will now save the wifi credentials as secrets (wifi_ssid / wifi_password) for future use. If you are already using these secrets, then the dashboard will not ask for credentials and will configure using them for you.

The dashboard also now can view the logs straight from a serial connected device via the web browser. It will show up as an option when choosing the method to view them.

NEC remote protocol

In this version, the order of transferring bits was corrected from MSB to LSB in accordance with the NEC standard. Therefore, if the configuration file has come from an earlier version of ESPhome, it is necessary to reverse the order of the address and command bits when moving to 2021.12 or above. For example, address: 0x84ED, command: 0x13EC becomes 0xB721 and 0x37C8 respectively.

Tuya Covers

esphome#2637 adds new functionality to the Tuya cover component, but at the same time removes the “soft” inversion of the direction. Instead, it seems that most if not all tuya covers have a “hidden” datapoint that sets the direction on the secondary MCU. See the documentation for the new configuration options.

Release 2021.12.1 - December 15

Release 2021.12.2 - December 21

Release 2021.12.3 - December 30

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