ESP32 Camera Web Server Component

The esp32_camera_web_server component allows you to use expose web server of ESP32-based camera boards in ESPHome that directly can be integrated into external surveillance or PVR software.

At a given time only one stream can be served, but multiple snapshots. The stream or snapshot can be accessed via http://<ip>:<port>/.

# Example configuration entry
  - port: 8080
    mode: stream
  - port: 8081
    mode: snapshot

Configuration variables:

  • port (Required, string): The serving port.

  • mode (Required, string): The operation mode. One of these values:

    • snapshot

    • stream

Integrating the mjpeg web service into an NVR:


  • General -> Source Type: cURL (HTTP(S) only)

  • Source -> URL: http://ESP_IP_ADDRESS:8080/

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