Duty Time

The duty_time sensor allows you to track the total duty time of the some object, for example, a light bulb, in seconds. Able to calculate the last turn-on time when an optional sensor last_time is included in the configuration.

Supports boolean signal sources: binary_sensor or lambda that returns a boolean state of tracked object. As an alternative to controlling a component in automations, may be used the sensor.duty_time.start and sensor.duty_time.stop actions.

# Example configuration entry
  - platform: duty_time
    id: my_climate_work_time
    name: My Climate Work Time
    # Support logical sources (optional): 'binary_sensor'
    sensor: my_binary_sensor
    # ... EOR 'lambda'
    lambda: "return id(my_climate).mode != CLIMATE_MODE_OFF;"
    # Restore (optional, default: False)
    restore: false
    # Sensor for last turn-on time (optional)
      name: My Climate Last Turn-On Time

Configuration variables:

  • sensor (Optional, ID): The ID of the binary_sensor to track the duty time. May not be used with lambda.

  • lambda (Optional, lambda): Lambda that will be called in a loop to get the current state of the tracked object. May not be used with sensor.

  • last_time (Optional): Information of the last switch-on time sensor. All options from Sensor.

  • restore (Optional, boolean): Whether to store the intermediate result on the device so that the value can be restored upon power cycle or reboot. Warning: this option can wear out your flash. Defaults to false.

  • update_interval (Optional, Time): The update interval. Defaults to 60s.

  • id (Optional, ID): Set the ID of this sensor for use in lambdas.

  • All other options from Sensor.


In addition to all basic sensor automations, the component supports the automations below.

sensor.duty_time.start Action

This action starts/resume time tracking. In lambdas, you may use the start() method.

    - sensor.duty_time.start: my_climate_work_time

sensor.duty_time.stop Action

This action suspends time tracking. Causes the sensor to be updated, including the last_time sensor. In lambdas, you may use the stop() method.

    - sensor.duty_time.stop: my_climate_work_time

sensor.duty_time.reset Action

This action resets the duty time counter. Causes a sensor update. Does not affect the last_time sensor. In lambdas, you may use the reset() method.

    - sensor.duty_time.reset: my_climate_work_time

sensor.duty_time.is_running / sensor.duty_time.is_not_running Condition

This Condition checks if the duty_time counter is currently running (or suspended). In lambdas, you may use the is_running() method.

# In some trigger:
      # Same syntax for 'is_not_running'
      sensor.duty_time.is_running: my_climate_work_time

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