Managed Updates via HTTP Request

This platform allows you to manage the deployment of updates to your ESPHome devices. It works by reading a JSON manifest file and using it to determine the presence of an update.

To use it, the following components are required in your device’s configuration:

# Example configuration entry
  - platform: http_request
    name: Firmware Update

Configuration variables:

  • source (Required, string): The URL of the YAML manifest file containing the firmware metadata.

  • update_interval (Optional, Time): The interval at which to check for (not install) updates. Defaults to 6 hours.

  • All other options from Update.

Update Manifest Format

This component expects the ESP-Web-Tools manifest with an extension in the ota block that is structured as follows:

  "name": "My ESPHome Project",
  "version": "2024.6.1",
  "builds": [
      "chipFamily": "ESP32-C3",
      "ota": {
        "md5": "1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef",
        "path": "/local/esp32c3/firmware.bin",
        "release_url": "",
        "summary": "Another update",

While release_url and summary are optional, all other fields shown here are required.

If path begins with:

  • http or https: path is treated as full URL which will be used to obtain the firmware binary.

  • A forward slash (/): path will be appended to the hostname (an “absolute” path) specified for source (as above).

  • Any other character: path will be appended to source (as specified above) after trimming the manifest file name.

Note that there may be multiple builds specified within a single JSON file.

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