cst816 Touch Screen Controller

The cst816 touchscreen platform allows using the touch screen controllers based on the CST816 series of chips with ESPHome. The I²C is required to be set up in your configuration for this touchscreen to work.

This controller is used in the Lilygo T-Display S3 AMOLED. The component should work with CST816T, CST816S, CST820 and CST716 controller chips.


cst816t touchscreen on T-Display S3 AMOLED

Base Touchscreen Configuration

# Example configuration entry
  platform: cst816
  id: my_touchscreen
  interrupt_pin: GPIOXX
  reset_pin: GPIOXX

Configuration variables:

  • id (Optional, ID): Manually set the ID of this touchscreen.

  • interrupt_pin (Optional, Pin Schema): The touch detection pin.

  • reset_pin (Optional, Pin Schema): The chip reset pin.

  • All other options from Touchscreen.

Binary Sensor

In addition to touch areas on the screen configured through the Touchscreen component, the cst816 will report touches on a button outside the screen area. A binary sensor can be configured to react to touching this button.

# Example configuration entry
  - platform: cst816
    name: "Home"

Configuration variables:

  • cst816_id (Optional, ID): Manually specify the ID of the touchscreen.

  • All other options from Binary Sensor.

Sample config for the T-Display S3 AMOLED

  sda: GPIO3
  scl: GPIO2

  - platform: cst816
    id: my_touchscreen
    interrupt_pin: GPIO21

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