Mopeka Standard Check BLE Sensor

The mopeka_std_check sensor platform lets you track the output of Mopeka Standard Check LP Bluetooth Low Energy devices using the ESP32 Bluetooth Low Energy Tracker Hub. This component will track the tank level, distance, temperature, and battery percentage of a Mopeka Standard Check LP BLE device every time the sensor sends out a BLE broadcast.


This sensor component only supports the Mopeka Standard Check devices. See Mopeka Pro Check BLE Sensor for Mopeka Pro Check sensors support.


Mopeka Std Check LP over BLE.


  # Example using 11kg 100% propane tank.
  - platform: mopeka_std_check
    mac_address: D3:75:F2:DC:16:91
    tank_type: Europe_11kg
        name: "Propane test temp"
        name: "Propane test level"
        name: "Propane test distance"
        name: "Propane test battery level"

  # Custom example - user defined empty / full points and 80% butane and 20% propane.
  - platform: mopeka_std_check
    mac_address: D3:75:F2:DC:16:91
    tank_type: CUSTOM
    custom_distance_full: 40cm
    custom_distance_empty: 32mm
    propane_butane_mix: 20%
        name: "Propane c test temp"
        name: "Propane c test level"
        name: "Propane c test distance"
        name: "Propane c test battery level"

Configuration variables:

  • mac_address (Required, MAC Address): The MAC address of the Mopeka device.

  • tank_type (Required): The tank type the sensor is measuring. See below.

  • custom_distance_full (Optional): distance sensor will read when it should be considered full (100%). This is only used when tank_type = CUSTOM

  • custom_distance_empty (Optional): distance sensor will read when it should be considered empty (0%). This is only used when tank_type = CUSTOM

  • propane_butane_mix (Optional): Mixture of propane and butane.

    • 100% - (default) 100% Propane

    • 80% - 80% Propane and 20% Butane

    • 20% - 20% Propane and 80% Butane

    • 0% - 100% Butane

  • level (Optional): The percentage of full for the tank sensor

  • distance (Optional): The raw distance/depth of the liquid for the sensor in mm.

  • temperature (Optional): The information for the temperature sensor. This temperature is on the sensor and is not calibrated to ambient temperature.

  • battery_level (Optional): The information for the battery percentage sensor. Sensor uses a standard CR2032 battery.

Tank Types

Currently supported Tank types are:

  • NORTH_AMERICA_20LB_VERTICAL - 20 LB vertical tank

  • NORTH_AMERICA_30LB_VERTICAL - 30 LB vertical tank

  • NORTH_AMERICA_40LB_VERTICAL - 40 LB vertical tank

  • EUROPE_6KG - 6kg vertical tank

  • EUROPE_11KG - 11kg vertical tank

  • EUROPE_14KG - 14kg vertical tank

  • CUSTOM - Allows you to define your own full and empty points

Setting Up Devices

To set up Mopeka Standard Check devices you first need to find their MAC Address so that ESPHome can identify them. So first, create a simple configuration with the esp32_ble_tracker and the mopeka_ble component like so:



After uploading, the ESP32 will immediately try to scan for BLE devices. For Mopeka Standard devices you must press and hold the green sync button for it to be identified. Or alternativly set the configuration flag show_sensors_without_sync: true to see all devices. For all sensors found the mopeka_ble component will print a message like this one:

[20:43:26][I][mopeka_ble:056]: MOPEKA STD (CC2540) SENSOR FOUND: D3:75:F2:DC:16:91

Then just copy the address (D3:75:F2:DC:16:91) into a new sensor.mopeka_std_check platform entry like in the configuration example at the top.


The ESPHome Mopeka Standard Check BLE component listens passively to packets the Mopeka device sends by itself. ESPHome therefore has no impact on the battery life of the device.

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