Binary Sensor Map

The binary_sensor_map sensor platform allows you to map binary sensor to values. When a given binary sensor is on, the value associated with it in this platform’s configuration will be published.

This sensor is mostly used for touch devices but could be used for any binary_sensor that publishes its ON or OFF state.

Add your binary sensors as channels to the binary sensor map. The binary sensor map then publishes a value depending on the type of the binary sensor map and the values specified with each channel.

This platform currently supports only one measurement type: GROUP, but others might get added later. You need to specify which type of mapping you want with the type: configuration value:

  • GROUP Each channel has its own value. The sensor publishes the average value of all active binary sensors.

# Example configuration entry
  - platform: binary_sensor_map
    id: group_0
    name: 'Group Map 0'
    type: GROUP
      - binary_sensor: touchkey0
        value: 0
      - binary_sensor: touchkey1
        value: 10
      - binary_sensor: touchkey2
        value: 20
      - binary_sensor: touchkey3
        value: 30

# Example binary sensors using MPR121 component
  id: mpr121_first
  address: 0x5A

  - platform: mpr121
    channel: 0
    id: touchkey0
  # ...

Configuration variables:

  • name (Required, string): The name of the sensor.

  • type (Required, string): The sensor type. Should be one of: GROUP.

  • channels (Required): A list of channels that are mapped to certain values.

    • binary_sensor (Required): The id of the binary sensor to add as a channel for this sensor.

    • value (Required): The value this channel should report when its binary sensor is active.

  • All other options from Sensor.

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