AC Dimmer Component


This component has not been fully tested yet, if you are testing this component please share your experience with the dimmer hardware and light model and configuration here


The ac_dimmer component allows you to connect a dimmable light or other load which supports phase control dimming to your ESPHome project.

There are several already made boards which are compatible with this component, such as the RobotDyn dimmer.


RobotDyn Module. Image by RobotDyn

# Example configuration entry
  - platform: ac_dimmer
    id: dimmer1
    gate_pin: GPIOXX
      number: GPIOXX
        input: true
      inverted: yes

  - platform: monochromatic
    output: dimmer1
    name: Dimmerized Light

Configuration variables:

  • gate_pin (Required, Pin): The pin used to control the Triac or Mosfet.

  • zero_cross_pin (Required, Pin): The pin used to sense the AC Zero cross event, you can have several dimmers controlled with the same zero cross detector, in such case duplicate the zero_cross_pin config on each output.

  • method (Optional): Set the method for dimming, can be:

    • leading pulse: (default) a short pulse to trigger a triac.

    • leading: gate pin driven high until the zero cross is detected

    • trailing: gate pin driven high from zero cross until dim period, this method is suitable for mosfet dimmers only.

  • init_with_half_cycle (Optional, boolean): Will send the first full half AC cycle Try to use this for dimmable LED lights, it might help turning on at low brightness levels. On Halogen lamps it might show at initial flicker. Defaults to false.

  • id (Optional, ID): Manually specify the ID used for code generation.

  • All other options from Output.

Dimming lights with phase control can be tricky, the minimum level your light turns on might be different from other lights, also the perceived light level might not correlate to the percentage output set to the light, to try to minimize these behaviors you can tweak the values min_power from this output component and also gamma_correct from the monochromatic light.

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