Binary Light

The binary light platform creates a simple ON/OFF-only light from a binary output component.

# Example configuration entry
  - platform: binary
    name: "Desk Lamp"
    output: output_component1

Configuration variables:

  • name (Required, string): The name of the light.
  • output (Required, ID): The id of the binary Output Component to use for this light.
  • id (Optional, ID): Manually specify the ID used for code generation.
  • effects (Optional, list): A list of light effects to use for this light, though binary lights only support very few of them.
  • internal (Optional, boolean): Mark this component as internal. Internal components will not be exposed to the frontend (like Home Assistant). Only specifying an id without a name will implicitly set this to true.
  • If MQTT enabled, all other options from MQTT Component.