Changelog - Version 1.12.0

User-Defined Services ESP32 Camera MPR121
User-Defined Services ESP32 Camera MPR121
SDS011 MCP23017 Servo
SDS011 MCP23017 Servo
WiFi Info
WiFi Info

It’s release day! 🎉 Today I’m happy to release ESPHome 1.12.0. What’s new? A lot of awesome stuff got added! Let me walk you through it:

Before 1.12, it was only possible to transfer data from ESPHome to Home Assistant (with the homeassistant.service call). With 1.12 you get User-defined services, just define a service in your ESPHome file and call it like any other service from HA. All the rest (like variables, data validation, etc) are handled automatically!

ESP32 Camera Support: This is huge. When integrating cameras into your smart home you’d always have to weigh between security and price; cheap cameras often are very insecure (and sometimes even exposed on the web). And even the pricier ones would sometimes phone back to the manufacturer and upload your data. With ESPHome, everything’s 100% local and communicates directly with Home Assistant. It took a bit longer than I initially anticipated to iron out most stability issues, but with 1.12.0 it’s finally here :)

And thanks very much to @puuu for the SDS011 Particulate Matter integration and @mvturnho for the newly added MPR121 Capacitive Touch sensor support!

And as always, this release contains tons of small adjustments (like automatically providing suggestions for validation errors) and bug fixes to make your life easier.

Breaking Changes

  • The timeout_meter and timeout_time options of the ultrasonic sensor have been merged into timeout. (Ultrasonic Distance Sensor)
  • Ultrasonic Sensor no longer works with GPIO16 as echo pin on ESP8266s because the implementation switched to an asynchronous interrupt mode.

Other notable changes:

  • Added calibrate_linear sensor filter for easier calibration of sensors (calibrate_linear)
  • Added for parameter to binary_sensor.is_on condition.
  • Added streamer_mode, status_use_ping and relative_url options to the addon (see addon description).
  • Improved validation. For small typos for config variables similar keys are automatically suggested.
  • Added esp8266_restore_from_flash to esphome section which enables restoring state from flash instead of RTC memory - this allows recovering relay state even after a power cycle.
  • Added ability
  • !secret values are now hidden for config validation.
  • Rotary Encoders have a new min_value and max_value option. (Rotary Encoder Sensor)
  • Fixed OTA not working for ESP32 when BLE enabled.
  • Added a “delete” button in the dashboard interface to delete configuration files.
  • Reworked GPIO interrupts, this will fix a bunch of issues with components that use interrupts (rotary encoder, software uart, remote receiver, …)
  • Allowed the use of newest Arduino Core version for ESP8266: 2.5.0 (not default yet, please try it out on non-critical devices and report if there are no wifi issues)

Release 1.12.1 - March 20

Release 1.12.2 - March 31

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