Migrating from ESPurna

Migrating from previous ESPurna setups is very easy. You just need to have esphome create a binary for you and then upload that in the ESPurna web interface.

Getting Binary

First follow the guides for the different supported devices and create a configuration file. Then, generate and download the binary:

  • Using the Hass.io add-on/dashboard: Just click the COMPILE button, wait for the compilation to end and press the DOWNLOAD BINARY button.

  • Using the command line: run esphome livingroom.yaml compile (replacing livingroom.yaml with your configuration file of course) and navigate to the <NODE_NAME>/.pioenvs/<NODE_NAME>/ folder. There you will find a firmware.bin file, this is the binary you will upload.

Uploading Binary

To upload the binary, navigate to the ESPurna web interface and enter the “General ” section.


In the “Upgrade” section, choose the binary you previously downloaded and press “Upgrade”. If everything succeeds, you should now have ESPHome on your node 🎉


with ESPHome, you in most cases won’t need to worry about the available flash size, as the binary only ever includes the code that you are actually using.


Happy Hacking!