ESP32 Bluetooth Low Energy Scanner

The ble_scanner text sensor platform lets you track reachable BLE devices.

See the BLE Tracker Configuration variables for instructions for setting up scan parameters.

The sensor platform is similar to ESP32 Bluetooth Low Energy RSSI Sensor but in contrast to that platform, this text sensor sends out all raw BLE scan information and does not filter devices.

The data this sensor publishes is intended to be processed by the remote (for example an MQTT client) and sends the data in JSON format.


The BLE software stack on the ESP32 consumes a significant amount of RAM on the device.

Crashes are likely to occur if you include too many additional components in your device’s configuration. Memory-intensive components such as Voice Assistant and other audio components are most likely to cause issues.

# Example configuration entry

  - platform: ble_scanner
    name: "BLE Devices Scanner"

Example json log:

    "name":"MI Band 2"

Configuration variables:

  • name (Required, string): The name of the sensor.

  • All other options from Text Sensor.

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