TX20/TX23 Wind Speed/Direction Sensor

The tx20 sensor platform allows you to use your TX20/TX23 wind direction and speed sensors with ESPHome. The only required pin is the black or brown cable (which is used to transmit data.) The red cable should be connected to VCC (3.3V), green initiates the data transfer when connected to GND and should therefore be directly connected to GND and the yellow cable should be always connected to ground. The difference from the TX20 to the TX23 seems to be that the green cable does not matter any more and the wind sensor is just sending a datagram every 2 seconds - pretty much the same as when the green cable was connected to GND in the TX20.


TX20 / TX23 Wind Speed / Direction.

# Example configuration entry
  - platform: tx20
      name: Wind speed
      name: Wind direction degrees
      number: GPIOXX

Configuration variables:

  • wind_speed (Required): The information for the wind speed sensor. All options from Sensor.

  • wind_direction_degrees (Required): The information for the direction in degrees sensor. All options from Sensor.

  • pin (Required, Pin): The pin, where the black or brown cable are connected.


In order to create a text sensor to show the textual representation of the wind direction the following config can be used. “tx20_id” needs to be replaced with the id of the TX20 sensor (not with the id of the subsensors).

- platform: template
  name: "Textual Representation Wind Direction"
  lambda: |-
    return {id(tx20_id).get_wind_cardinal_direction()};
  update_interval: 2s


It appears that the manufacturer discontinued production of this sensor, as it doesn’t seem to be available anymore for purchase. There are various alternatives though, and since ESPHome has a Modbus Component, any model supporting RS485 connection can be easily integrated.

Check out in the ESPHome Devices database example configurations for RS-FSJT-N01 Wind Speed and RS-FXJT-N01 Wind Direction sensors.

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