MAX31856 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

The MAX31856 temperature sensor allows you to use your MAX31856 Thermocouple temperature sensor (datasheet) with ESPHome. Although the chip supports multiple thermocouple types, this component only implements the K type.


MAX31856 Sensor. Image by Adafruit

As the communication with the MAX31856 is done using SPI, you need to have an spi bus in your configuration with both miso_pin and mosi_pin set.

  • VIN connects to 5V (3V3 will output 3.3V), or directly connect 3V3 to 3.3V

  • 3Vo not used by ESPHome

  • GND connects to ground

  • CLK connects to the SPI clk_pin

  • SDO connects to the SPI miso_pin

  • SDI connects to the SPI mosi_pin

  • CS connects to a free GPIO pin

  • FLT not used by ESPHome

  • DRDY not used by ESPHome

# Example configuration entry
  - platform: max31856
    name: BBQ Temperature
    icon: mdi:hamburger
    cs_pin: GPIOXX

Configuration variables:

  • cs_pin (Required, Pin Schema): The Chip Select pin of the SPI interface.

  • update_interval (Optional, Time): The interval to check the sensor. Defaults to 60s.

  • mains_filter (Optional, string): The mains power frequency to reject (50 Hz or 60 Hz). Defaults to 60 Hz.

  • spi_id (Optional, ID): Manually specify the ID of the SPI Component if you want to use multiple SPI buses.

  • All other options from Sensor.

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