Kuntze pool monitor

The kuntze component allows you to integrate the Kuntze water measurement instrument in ESPHome. It uses UART (ModBUS) for communication.

Once configured you can use sensors as described below for your projects.


Kuntze Neon® Multi instrument


Kuntze devices have an RS485 (ModBUS RTU) communication port. Please see the Kuntze papers for the pinout of the RS485 connector on your unit. ModBUS line has to be terminated properly (with a 120Ω resistor), and since this is likely your only unit connected to ESPHome, you should activate bus termination in the Network menu (this component doesn’t support multiple Kuntze devices on the same bus). ModBUS address should remain at factory default value.

The device communicates at 19200 baud 8E1. To connect to ESPHome, an RS485 transceiver is needed. Choose a type which does not need a trigger to send and receive data, for example:


The controller connects to the UART of the MCU. For ESP32 GPIO 16 to TXD and 17 to RXD are the default ones but any other pins can be used as well. 3.3V to VCC and GND to GND.


If you are using the Logger Component make sure you are not using the same pins for it or otherwise disable the UART logging with the baud_rate: 0 option.


A configured modbus component is optional. It will be automatically created.

# Example configuration entry

  - platform: kuntze
    id: my_kuntze
      id: ph
      id: temperature

Configuration variables:

  • ph (Optional): Measured pH value.

  • temperature (Optional): Measured temperature value.

  • dis1 (Optional): Measured DIS 1 value.

  • dis2 (Optional): Measured DIS 2 value.

  • redox (Optional): Measured Redox value.

  • ec (Optional): Measured EC value.

  • oci (Optional): Measured OCI value.

All sensors are Optional and support all other options from Sensor.

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