HLW8012 Power Sensor

The hlw8012 sensor platform allows you to use your HLW8012 voltage/current and power sensors (datasheet) sensors with ESPHome. This sensor is commonly found in Sonoff POWs.

This sensor has two data outputs which both encode values using the frequency of a modulated signal: CF and CF1. CF’s frequency is proportional to the (active) power measured and CF1 is proportional to the current/voltage. Using the SEL pin, one can choose between which mode to use.

ESPHome will continuously cycle the state of the SEL pin to measure current and voltage, though both cannot be measured at the same exact points in time.

# Example configuration entry
  - platform: hlw8012
    sel_pin: 5
    cf_pin: 14
    cf1_pin: 13
      name: "HLW8012 Current"
      name: "HLW8012 Voltage"
      name: "HLW8012 Power"
    update_interval: 60s


The configuration above should work for Sonoff POWs (R1).

Configuration variables:

  • sel_pin (Required, Pin Schema): The pin SEL is connected to.
  • cf_pin (Required, Pin): The pin CF is connected to.
  • cf1_pin (Required, Pin): The pin CF1 is connected to.
  • current (Optional): Use the current value of the sensor in amperes. All options from Sensor.
  • power (Optional): Use the (active) power value of the sensor in watts. All options from Sensor.
  • voltage (Optional): Use the voltage value of the sensor in V (RMS). All options from Sensor.
  • current_resistor (Optional, float): The value of the shunt resistor for current measurement. Defaults to the Sonoff POW’s value 0.001 ohm.
  • voltage_divider (Optional, float): The value of the voltage divider on the board as (R_upstream + R_downstream) / R_downstream. Defaults to the Sonoff POW’s value 2351.
  • change_mode_every (Optional, int): After how many updates to cycle between the current/voltage measurement mode. Note that the first value after switching is discarded because it is often inaccurate. Defaults to 8.
  • update_interval (Optional, Time): The interval to check the sensor. Defaults to 60s.