MCP4728 Component

The MCP4728 output component allows to use 12bit external quad DAC in order to have analog outputs on any board by using I²C. Devices default address is 0x60.

If you only have one, it is not necessary to explicitly specify the mcp4728: component in the config unless you need to change the parameters. It will be automatically created with the default settings if you use it.

# Example configuration entry

# Set a global I²C connection
  sda: 21
  scl: 22
  scan: true

# Set the component with default (address: 0x60 / global I²C)
  - id: dac_output

Configuration variables:

  • id (Optional, ID): The id to use for this output component.

  • address (Optional, int): Manually specify the I2C address of the DAC. Defaults to 0x60.

  • store_in_eeprom (Optional, boolean): Use SEQ_WRITE mode to also write to EEPROM sequentially. Defaults to false.

MCP4728 Output

The MCP4728 output component exposes 4 MCP4728 channels of a global MCP4728 as float outputs.

# Individual outputs
- platform: mcp4728
  id: ac_dimmer_1
  mcp4728_id: dac_output
  channel: A
  vref: vdd
  power_down: normal # default
- platform: mcp4728
  id: ac_dimmer_2
  mcp4728_id: dac_output
  channel: B
  vref: vdd
  power_down: gnd_1k
- platform: mcp4728
  id: ac_dimmer_3
  channel: C
  vref: internal
  gain: X1
  power_down: normal # default
- platform: mcp4728
  id: ac_dimmer_4
  channel: D
  vref: internal
  gain: X2

    - output.set_level:
        id: ac_dimmer_1
        level: 100%

Configuration variables:

  • id (Required, ID): The id to use for this output component.

  • mcp4728_id (Optional, ID): Manually specify the ID of the MCP4728. Use this if you have multiple MCP4728 chains you want to use at the same time.

  • channel (Required, string): Chose the channel of the MCP4728 chain of this output component. One of A, B, C or D.

  • vref (Optional, string): Chose the VREF source. One of vdd or internal. Defaults to vdd.

  • gain (Optional, string): Chose the GAIN multiplier for internal VREF. One of X1 or X2. Only useful when vdd=internal. Defaults to X1.

  • power_down (Optional, string): Chose the power down mode. In power down mode (value different from normal) the output pin will be connected to GND using a resistor (1kOhm, 100kOhm or 500kOhm). One of normal, gnd_1k, gnd_100k or gnd_500k. Defaults to normal.

  • All other options from Output.

Output voltage range will be different depending on the vref source and gain. When vref=vdd, output voltage will range from 0.000V to VDD. When vref=internal, output voltage will range from 0.000V to 2.048V with gain=X1 and from 0.000V to 4.096V with gain=X2.

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