MCP4725 Output

The MCP4725 output component allows to use 12bit external DAC in order to have analog output(s) on any board by using I2C. Devices default address is 0x60 and configurable alternative is 0x61.

# Example configuration entry

# Set a global i2c connection
  sda: 21
  scl: 22
  scan: true

# Set the output with default (address: 0x60 / global i2c)
  - platform: mcp4725
    id: dac_output

    - output.set_level:
        id: dac_output
        level: 100%

Configuration variables:

  • id (Required, ID): The id to use for this output component.

  • address (Optional, int): Manually specify the I2C address of the DAC. Defaults to 0x60.

  • All other options from Output.

Usage with voltages higher than 3.3v

In order to drive analog modules with voltages higher than 3.3v, use a TTL bi-directionnal level converter

Be careful about what converter you use, some of them have channels labeled with RX and TX, in this case only TX channels are bi-directional (so you must use 2 TX channels for I2C to work).

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