I²S Audio Media Player

The i2s_audio media player platform allows you to play media from webservers and web streams via the I²S Audio Component. This platform only works on ESP32 based chips.

# Example configuration entry
  - platform: i2s_audio
    name: ESPHome I2S Media Player
    dac_type: external
    i2s_dout_pin: GPIOXX
    mode: mono

Configuration variables:

  • dac_type (Required, enum):

    • external: Use an external DAC, for example the NS4168, or UDA1334A.

    • internal: Use the internal DAC

  • All other options from Media Player

External DAC

  • i2s_dout_pin (Required, Pin): The GPIO pin to use for the I²S DOUT/SDOUT (Data Out) signal, also referred to as SD/SDATA (Serial Data) or DACDAT (Digital to Analog Converter Data).

  • mute_pin (Optional, Pin Schema): The GPIO pin to use to mute the media player.

  • mode (Optional, string): The mode of the I²S bus. Can be mono or stereo. Defaults to mono.

  • i2s_audio_id (Optional, ID): The ID of the I²S Audio you wish to use for this media player.

  • i2s_comm_fmt (Optional, string): I2S communication format. By default MSB format is used (AC101, PCM5102A). Set to lsb if using an external DAC that uses Japanese (Least Significant Bit Justified) format (like PT8211). Can be msb or lsb. Defaults to msb.

For best results, keep the wires as short as possible.

Internal DAC

  • mode (Required, enum): The channel mode of the internal DAC.

    • left

    • right

    • stereo

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