The LightWaveRF light platform creates a module to dump and send commands to light switches


LightwaveRF switches are very common in UK automation. They allow control of lights, sockets, relays and more via RF remote or via a hub. Using an inexpensive RF transmitter and receiver you can control your devices via ESPHome.

# Example configuration entry

# Specify the two pins to connect the receiver and transmitter
  read_pin: GPIOXX
  write_pin: GPIOXX

Note: To gather the RAW codes from the remote, setup the read_pin and observe in the logs the printing of the codes.

Configuration variables:

  • read_pin (Required, Pin Schema): The pin that the receiver is connected to

  • write_pin (Required, Pin Schema): the pin that the transmitter is connected to

lightwaverf.send_raw Action

Send the raw data that has been captured via the dump system

    - lightwaverf.send_raw:
        code:  [0x04, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x0f, 0x03, 0x0d, 0x09, 0x08, 0x08]
        name: "Sofa"
        repeat: 1

Configuration variables:

  • name (Optional, string): The name to give for the action

  • code (Required, list hex): The raw dump in an array of hex

  • repeat (Optional, int): The number of times the message will be repeated

  • inverted (Optional, boolean): Send the signal inverted

Compatible Hardware

The RF transmitters/receivers listed below have been confirmed to work with the current code base. If you discover others that work, please let us know!

Compatible transmitter:

  • MX-FS-03V

Compatible receiver:

  • RXB6

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