Beken SPI LED Strip

This is a component using the Beken SPI DMA interface to drive addressable LED strips.


Only works on pin P16, which is not available on many tuya modules.

  - platform: beken_spi_led_strip
    rgb_order: GRB
    pin: P16
    num_leds: 30
    chipset: ws2812
    name: "My Light"

Configuration variables

  • pin (Required, Pin): The pin for the data line of the light.

  • num_leds (Required, int): The number of LEDs in the strip.

  • chipset (Required, enum): The chipset to apply known timings from.
    • WS2812

    • SK6812

    • APA106

    • SM16703

  • rgb_order (Required, string): The RGB order of the strip.
    • RGB

    • RBG

    • GRB

    • GBR

    • BGR

    • BRG

  • is_rgbw (Optional, boolean): Set to true if the strip is RGBW. Defaults to false.

  • is_wrgb (Optional, boolean): Set to true if the strip is WRGB. Defaults to false.

  • max_refresh_rate (Optional, Time): A time interval used to limit the number of commands a light can handle per second. For example 16ms will limit the light to a refresh rate of about 60Hz. Defaults to sending commands as quickly as changes are made to the lights.

  • All other options from Light.

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