GPS Component

The gps component allows you to connect GPS modules to your ESPHome project. Any GPS module that uses the standardized NMEA communication protocol will work.


GPS Module. Image by Adafruit

For this integration to work you need to have set up a UART bus in your configuration - only the RX pin should be necessary.

# Example configuration entry
  rx_pin: D0
  baud_rate: 9600

# Declare GPS module

# GPS as time source
  - platform: gps

The component is split up in platforms. No configuration variables.

First you need to define a global GPS module hub (as seen above).

Currently, the only data that can be extracted from GPS is the current time. GPS can be used as a time platform to get the current date and time via the very accurate GPS clocks that are also independent of any network connection.

See Time for config options for the GPS time source.

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