BLE Server

The esp32_ble_server component in ESPHome sets up a simple BLE GATT server that exposes the device name, manufacturer and board. This component allows other components to create their own services to expose data and control.


The BLE software stack on the ESP32 consumes a significant amount of RAM on the device.

Crashes are likely to occur if you include too many additional components in your device’s configuration. Memory-intensive components such as Voice Assistant and other audio components are most likely to cause issues.

# Example configuration

  manufacturer: "Orange"
  manufacturer_data: [0x4C, 0, 0x23, 77, 0xF0 ]

Configuration variables:

  • manufacturer (Optional, string): The name of the manufacturer/firmware creator. Defaults to ESPHome.

  • model (Optional, string): The model name of the device. Defaults to the friendly name of the board chosen in the core configuration.

  • manufacturer_data (Optional, list of bytes): The manufacturer-specific data to include in the advertising packet. Should be a list of bytes, where the first two are the little-endian representation of the 16-bit manufacturer ID as assigned by the Bluetooth SIG.

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