ST7735 Display

ST7735 Display Driver.


The ST7735 component allows you to use a ST7735 display (datasheet and information, Adafruit) in ESPHome. It uses the SPI Bus for communication.


ST7735 Display

There are numerous board types out there. Some initialize differently as well. This driver will take a few options to narrow down the right settings.

# Example configuration entry
  - platform: st7735
    model: "INITR_18BLACKTAB"
    reset_pin: D4
    cs_pin: D1
    dc_pin: D2
    rotation: 0
    device_width: 128
    device_height: 160
    col_start: 0
    row_start: 0
    eight_bit_color: true
    update_interval: 5s

Configuration variables:

  • model (Required, “See Models Below”): This the model to use. INITR_BLACKTAB is the default

  • cs_pin (Required, Pin Schema): The CS pin.

  • dc_pin (Required, Pin Schema): The DC pin.

  • device_width (Required, int): The device width. 128 is default

  • device_height (Required, int): The device height. 160 is default

  • col_start (Required, int): The starting column offset. Default value depends on model.

  • row_start (Required, int): The starting row offset. Default value depends on model.

  • use_bgr (Optional, “true/false”): Use BGR mode. Default is false.

  • invert_colors (Optional, “true/false”): Invert LCD colors. Default is false.

  • eight_bit_color (Optional, “true/false” ): 8bit mode. Default is false. This saves 50% of the buffer required for the display.

  • reset_pin (Optional, Pin Schema): The RESET pin.

Memory notes:

  • 8Bit color saves 50% of the buffer required.

  • eight_bit_color: true 160x128 = 20480 Important for memory constrained devices

  • eight_bit_color: false 160x128x2 = 40960





  • INITR_MINI160X80



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