Hydreon Rain Sensor Binary Sensor

The hydreon_rgxx binary sensor platform gives access to information provided by a Hydreon Rain Sensor. For this sensor to work, a Hydreon Rain Sensor must be set up.

# Example RG-9 entry

  rx_pin: GPIO16
  tx_pin: GPIO17
  baud_rate: 9600

  - platform: hydreon_rgxx
    model: "RG_9"
    id: "hydreon_1"
    update_interval: 1s
      name: "rain"
      expire_after: 30s

  - platform: hydreon_rgxx
    hydreon_rgxx_id: "hydreon_1"
      name: "too cold"

Configuration variables:

  • hydreon_rgxx_id (Optional, ID): The ID of the Hydreon Rain Sensor display.

  • too_cold (Optional): true if the sensor reports being too cold. Hydreon only mentions this feature for the RG-9.

    • name (Required, string): The name for the voltage sensor.

    • id (Optional, ID): Set the ID of this sensor for use in lambdas.

    • All other options from Binary Sensor.

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