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Hi! I’m Otto Winter, the author and main developer of ESPHome.

Developing ESPHome takes a lot of time. There’s a lot of things that go into developing and maintaining an open-source project: from developing new features, fixing bugs, answering questions to maintaining servers, preparing releases and moderating discussions. And of course all of the hardware for new features has to be bought too. I’m a student so I really appreciate donations :)

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People that support ESPHome’s development over Patreon. You guys are awesome!

  • Paul Morley
  • Nick Rout
  • Kenvase
  • Magnus Overli
  • Dattas Moonchaser
  • Intermittent Technology
  • Andrea Donno
  • Ryan Bahm
  • Jung Ervin


ESPHome is an open-source project, and everybody can contribute to it to make this project awesome. This list contains a list of people who have submitted patches that have made it into the ESPHome organization’s repositories.

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