Made for ESPHome

ESPHome has a wonderful and active community that loves creating and sharing projects. You can apply for your project to get the Made for ESPHome stamp of approval. This ensures that your project is powered by ESPHome and guarantees a minimum level of customizability to users.


There are a number of requirements your project must meet. These may vary based on its design. They are:

For projects which utilize Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is quite common but requires configuration of the SSID and passphrase. As such, for easy end-user provisioning, your configuration must include:

Note that these are not required for projects that only provide a physical/wired Ethernet port for connectivity.

For all projects

  • Your project is powered by ESPHome (runs ESPHome as its firmware)

  • Your project is powered by an ESP32 or supported ESP32 variant such as the S2, S3, C3, etc.

  • Your ESPHome configuration is open source, available for end users to modify/update

  • Users should be able to apply updates if your project sells ready-made devices

  • Your project supports adoption via the dashboard_import feature of ESPHome (see Sharing). In particular:

    • There are no references to secrets or passwords

    • Network configuration must assume defaults (no static IPs or DNS configured)

    • The configuration must be valid, compile and run successfully without any user changes after adopting it.

    • Use of remote packages in the YAML is permitted only if the above criteria are met.

  • Your product name cannot contain “ESPHome” except in the case of ending withfor ESPHome

When your project matches all requirements of the Made for ESPHome program, you can apply for permission to carry the logo by emailing



Made with ESPHome black on white (svg, png)


Made with ESPHome white on black (svg, png)


Made with ESPHome black on transparent (svg, png)


Made with ESPHome white on transparent (svg, png)