Improv via Serial

The improv_serial component in ESPHome implements the open Improv standard for configuring Wi-Fi on an ESPHome device by using a serial connection to the device, eg. USB.

The improv_serial component requires the serial logger to be configured.

# Example configuration entry
  # ...


Configuration variables

  • next_url (Optional, url): A URL that can be used to forward the user to after setting credentials with improv.

Next URL

Substitutions can be inserted into the URL, such as project name and version and there are some special substitutions that can be performed by ESPHome when wrapped in double braces {{ }}:

  • device_name: This will substitute the device name including the mac address suffix.

  • ip_address: This will substitute the IP address of the device.

  • esphome_version: This will substitute the version of ESPHome that is running on the device.

# Example next_url

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