Ethernet Component


This integration is experimental as I don’t have the hardware to test it (yet). If you can verify it works (or if it doesn’t), notify me on discord.

This core esphomelib component sets up ethernet connections for ESP32s. Ethernet for ESP8266 is not supported.

# Example configuration entry
  type: LAN8720
  mdc_pin: GPIO23
  mdio_pin: GPIO18
  clk_mode: GPIO0_IN
  phy_addr: 0

  # Optional manual IP

Configuration variables:

  • type (Required, string): The type of LAN chipset. Must be one of LAN8720 or TLK110 (see datasheet for more details).
  • mdc_pin (Required, Pin): The MDC pin of the board. Usually this is GPIO23.
  • mdio_pin (Required, Pin): The MDIO pin of the board. Usually this is GPIO18.
  • clk_mode (Optional, string): The clock mode of the data lines, this must be one of these values: (see datasheet of your board for more details)
    • GPIO0_IN (Default) - External clock
    • GPIO0_OUT - Internal clock
    • GPIO16_OUT - Internal clock
    • GPIO17_OUT - Internal clock
  • phy_addr (Optional, int): The PHY addr type of the ethernet controller. Defaults to 0.
  • power_pin (Optional, Pin Schema): The pin with which to control the power of the board. Leave unspecified for no power pin (default)
  • manual_ip (Optional): Manually configure the static IP of the node.
    • static_ip (Required, IPv4 address): The static IP of your node.
    • gateway (Required, IPv4 address): The gateway of the local network.
    • subnet (Required, IPv4 address): The subnet of the local network.
    • dns1 (Optional, IPv4 address): The main DNS server to use.
    • dns2 (Optional, IPv4 address): The backup DNS server to use.
  • hostname (Optional, string): Manually set the hostname of the node. Can only be 63 long at max and must only contain alphanumeric characters plus dashes and underscores.
  • domain (Optional, string): Set the domain of the node hostname used for uploading. For example, if it’s set to .local, all uploads will be sent to <HOSTNAME>.local. Defaults to .local.
  • id (Optional, ID): Manually specify the ID used for code generation.

Configuration for wESP32 board

  type: LAN8720
  mdc_pin: GPIO16
  mdio_pin: GPIO17
  clk_mode: GPIO0_IN
  phy_addr: 0