ESPHome  2023.11.6
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1 #pragma once
5 #include "esphome/core/defines.h"
7 namespace esphome {
8 namespace api {
10 class APIConnection;
13  public:
16  bool on_binary_sensor(binary_sensor::BinarySensor *binary_sensor) override;
17 #endif
18 #ifdef USE_COVER
19  bool on_cover(cover::Cover *cover) override;
20 #endif
21 #ifdef USE_FAN
22  bool on_fan(fan::Fan *fan) override;
23 #endif
24 #ifdef USE_LIGHT
25  bool on_light(light::LightState *light) override;
26 #endif
27 #ifdef USE_SENSOR
28  bool on_sensor(sensor::Sensor *sensor) override;
29 #endif
30 #ifdef USE_SWITCH
31  bool on_switch(switch_::Switch *a_switch) override;
32 #endif
33 #ifdef USE_BUTTON
34  bool on_button(button::Button *button) override;
35 #endif
37  bool on_text_sensor(text_sensor::TextSensor *text_sensor) override;
38 #endif
39  bool on_service(UserServiceDescriptor *service) override;
40 #ifdef USE_ESP32_CAMERA
41  bool on_camera(esp32_camera::ESP32Camera *camera) override;
42 #endif
43 #ifdef USE_CLIMATE
44  bool on_climate(climate::Climate *climate) override;
45 #endif
46 #ifdef USE_NUMBER
47  bool on_number(number::Number *number) override;
48 #endif
49 #ifdef USE_TEXT
50  bool on_text(text::Text *text) override;
51 #endif
52 #ifdef USE_SELECT
53  bool on_select(select::Select *select) override;
54 #endif
55 #ifdef USE_LOCK
56  bool on_lock(lock::Lock *a_lock) override;
57 #endif
59  bool on_media_player(media_player::MediaPlayer *media_player) override;
60 #endif
62  bool on_alarm_control_panel(alarm_control_panel::AlarmControlPanel *a_alarm_control_panel) override;
63 #endif
64  bool on_end() override;
66  protected:
68 };
70 } // namespace api
71 } // namespace esphome
Base class for all switches.
Definition: switch.h:39
bool on_cover(cover::Cover *cover) override
bool on_fan(fan::Fan *fan) override
This class represents the communication layer between the front-end MQTT layer and the hardware outpu...
Definition: light_state.h:34
Base class for all cover devices.
Definition: cover.h:111
bool on_text_sensor(text_sensor::TextSensor *text_sensor) override
bool on_number(number::Number *number) override
Base class for all buttons.
Definition: button.h:29
bool on_alarm_control_panel(alarm_control_panel::AlarmControlPanel *a_alarm_control_panel) override
bool on_camera(esp32_camera::ESP32Camera *camera) override
bool on_binary_sensor(binary_sensor::BinarySensor *binary_sensor) override
Base-class for all text inputs.
Definition: text.h:24
bool on_media_player(media_player::MediaPlayer *media_player) override
bool on_light(light::LightState *light) override
Base-class for all numbers.
Definition: number.h:39
bool on_switch(switch_::Switch *a_switch) override
bool on_button(button::Button *button) override
bool on_sensor(sensor::Sensor *sensor) override
ListEntitiesIterator(APIConnection *client)
bool on_text(text::Text *text) override
bool on_select(select::Select *select) override
bool on_service(UserServiceDescriptor *service) override
Base-class for all selects.
Definition: select.h:31
Implementation of SPI Controller mode.
Definition: a01nyub.cpp:7
bool on_lock(lock::Lock *a_lock) override
Base class for all binary_sensor-type classes.
Definition: binary_sensor.h:37
Base-class for all sensors.
Definition: sensor.h:57
bool on_climate(climate::Climate *climate) override
Base class for all locks.
Definition: lock.h:103
ClimateDevice - This is the base class for all climate integrations.
Definition: climate.h:161