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time_entity.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  esphome::datetime::TimeEntityRestoreState
class  esphome::datetime::TimeEntity
class  esphome::datetime::TimeCall
class  esphome::datetime::TimeSetAction< Ts >
class  esphome::datetime::OnTimeTrigger


 This is a workaround until we can figure out a way to get the tflite-micro idf component code available in CI.


struct esphome::datetime::DateEntityRestoreState esphome::datetime::__attribute__ ((packed))
TimeCall to_call (TimeEntity *time)
void apply (TimeEntity *time)


uint8_t hour
uint8_t minute
uint8_t second

Function Documentation

◆ apply()

void __attribute__::apply ( TimeEntity *  time)

◆ to_call()

TimeCall __attribute__::to_call ( TimeEntity *  time)

Variable Documentation

◆ hour

uint8_t hour

Definition at line 145 of file time_entity.h.

◆ minute

uint8_t minute

Definition at line 146 of file time_entity.h.

◆ second

uint8_t second

Definition at line 147 of file time_entity.h.