ESPHome  2024.7.0
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1 #pragma once
3 #include "esphome/core/defines.h"
5 #ifdef USE_MQTT
7 namespace esphome {
8 namespace mqtt {
12 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ACTION_TEMPLATE = "act_tpl";
13 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ACTION_TOPIC = "act_t";
14 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AUTOMATION_TYPE = "atype";
15 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AUX_COMMAND_TOPIC = "aux_cmd_t";
16 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AUX_STATE_TEMPLATE = "aux_stat_tpl";
17 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AUX_STATE_TOPIC = "aux_stat_t";
18 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AVAILABILITY = "avty";
19 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AVAILABILITY_MODE = "avty_mode";
20 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AVAILABILITY_TOPIC = "avty_t";
21 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AWAY_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "away_mode_cmd_t";
22 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AWAY_MODE_STATE_TEMPLATE = "away_mode_stat_tpl";
23 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AWAY_MODE_STATE_TOPIC = "away_mode_stat_t";
24 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BATTERY_LEVEL_TEMPLATE = "bat_lev_tpl";
25 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BATTERY_LEVEL_TOPIC = "bat_lev_t";
26 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BLUE_TEMPLATE = "b_tpl";
27 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_COMMAND_TOPIC = "bri_cmd_t";
28 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_SCALE = "bri_scl";
29 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_STATE_TOPIC = "bri_stat_t";
30 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_TEMPLATE = "bri_tpl";
31 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "bri_val_tpl";
32 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CHARGING_TEMPLATE = "chrg_tpl";
33 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CHARGING_TOPIC = "chrg_t";
34 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CLEANING_TEMPLATE = "cln_tpl";
35 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CLEANING_TOPIC = "cln_t";
36 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CODE_ARM_REQUIRED = "cod_arm_req";
37 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CODE_DISARM_REQUIRED = "cod_dis_req";
38 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_MODE = "clrm";
39 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_MODE_STATE_TOPIC = "clrm_stat_t";
40 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_MODE_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "clrm_val_tpl";
41 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "clr_temp_cmd_tpl";
42 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_COMMAND_TOPIC = "clr_temp_cmd_t";
43 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_STATE_TOPIC = "clr_temp_stat_t";
44 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_TEMPLATE = "clr_temp_tpl";
45 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "clr_temp_val_tpl";
46 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_OFF_TEMPLATE = "cmd_off_tpl";
47 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_ON_TEMPLATE = "cmd_on_tpl";
48 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_RETAIN = "ret";
49 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "cmd_tpl";
50 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_TOPIC = "cmd_t";
51 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CONFIGURATION_URL = "cu";
52 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CURRENT_HUMIDITY_TEMPLATE = "curr_hum_tpl";
53 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CURRENT_HUMIDITY_TOPIC = "curr_hum_t";
54 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CURRENT_TEMPERATURE_TEMPLATE = "curr_temp_tpl";
55 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CURRENT_TEMPERATURE_TOPIC = "curr_temp_t";
56 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE = "dev";
57 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_CLASS = "dev_cla";
58 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_CONNECTIONS = "cns";
59 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_IDENTIFIERS = "ids";
60 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_MANUFACTURER = "mf";
61 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_MODEL = "mdl";
62 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_NAME = "name";
63 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_SUGGESTED_AREA = "sa";
64 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_SW_VERSION = "sw";
65 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DOCKED_TEMPLATE = "dock_tpl";
66 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DOCKED_TOPIC = "dock_t";
67 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_COMMAND_TOPIC = "fx_cmd_t";
68 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_LIST = "fx_list";
69 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_STATE_TOPIC = "fx_stat_t";
70 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_TEMPLATE = "fx_tpl";
71 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "fx_val_tpl";
72 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT = "en";
73 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ENTITY_CATEGORY = "ent_cat";
74 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ERROR_TEMPLATE = "err_tpl";
75 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ERROR_TOPIC = "err_t";
76 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EVENT_TYPE = "event_type";
77 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EVENT_TYPES = "evt_typ";
78 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EXPIRE_AFTER = "exp_aft";
79 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_MODE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "fan_mode_cmd_tpl";
80 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "fan_mode_cmd_t";
81 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_MODE_STATE_TEMPLATE = "fan_mode_stat_tpl";
82 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_MODE_STATE_TOPIC = "fan_mode_stat_t";
83 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_SPEED_LIST = "fanspd_lst";
84 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_SPEED_TEMPLATE = "fanspd_tpl";
85 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_SPEED_TOPIC = "fanspd_t";
86 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FLASH_TIME_LONG = "flsh_tlng";
87 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FLASH_TIME_SHORT = "flsh_tsht";
88 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FORCE_UPDATE = "frc_upd";
89 constexpr const char *const MQTT_GREEN_TEMPLATE = "g_tpl";
90 constexpr const char *const MQTT_HOLD_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "hold_cmd_tpl";
91 constexpr const char *const MQTT_HOLD_COMMAND_TOPIC = "hold_cmd_t";
92 constexpr const char *const MQTT_HOLD_STATE_TEMPLATE = "hold_stat_tpl";
93 constexpr const char *const MQTT_HOLD_STATE_TOPIC = "hold_stat_t";
94 constexpr const char *const MQTT_HS_COMMAND_TOPIC = "hs_cmd_t";
95 constexpr const char *const MQTT_HS_STATE_TOPIC = "hs_stat_t";
96 constexpr const char *const MQTT_HS_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "hs_val_tpl";
97 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ICON = "ic";
98 constexpr const char *const MQTT_INITIAL = "init";
99 constexpr const char *const MQTT_JSON_ATTRIBUTES = "json_attr";
100 constexpr const char *const MQTT_JSON_ATTRIBUTES_TEMPLATE = "json_attr_tpl";
101 constexpr const char *const MQTT_JSON_ATTRIBUTES_TOPIC = "json_attr_t";
102 constexpr const char *const MQTT_LAST_RESET_TOPIC = "lrst_t";
103 constexpr const char *const MQTT_LAST_RESET_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "lrst_val_tpl";
104 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MAX = "max";
105 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MAX_HUMIDITY = "max_hum";
106 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MAX_MIREDS = "max_mirs";
107 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MAX_TEMP = "max_temp";
108 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MIN = "min";
109 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MIN_HUMIDITY = "min_hum";
110 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MIN_MIREDS = "min_mirs";
111 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MIN_TEMP = "min_temp";
112 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE = "mode";
113 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "mode_cmd_tpl";
114 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "mode_cmd_t";
115 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE_STATE_TEMPLATE = "mode_stat_tpl";
116 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE_STATE_TOPIC = "mode_stat_t";
117 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODES = "modes";
118 constexpr const char *const MQTT_NAME = "name";
119 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OBJECT_ID = "obj_id";
120 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OFF_DELAY = "off_dly";
121 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ON_COMMAND_TYPE = "on_cmd_type";
122 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OPTIMISTIC = "opt";
123 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OPTIONS = "ops";
124 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OSCILLATION_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "osc_cmd_tpl";
125 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OSCILLATION_COMMAND_TOPIC = "osc_cmd_t";
126 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OSCILLATION_STATE_TOPIC = "osc_stat_t";
127 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OSCILLATION_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "osc_val_tpl";
128 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD = "pl";
129 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_AWAY = "pl_arm_away";
130 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_CUSTOM_BYPASS = "pl_arm_custom_b";
131 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_HOME = "pl_arm_home";
132 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_NIGHT = "pl_arm_nite";
133 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_VACATION = "pl_arm_vacation";
134 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_AVAILABLE = "pl_avail";
135 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_CLEAN_SPOT = "pl_cln_sp";
136 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_CLOSE = "pl_cls";
137 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_DISARM = "pl_disarm";
138 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_HIGH_SPEED = "pl_hi_spd";
139 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_HOME = "pl_home";
140 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_INSTALL = "pl_inst";
141 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_LOCATE = "pl_loc";
142 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_LOCK = "pl_lock";
143 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_LOW_SPEED = "pl_lo_spd";
144 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_MEDIUM_SPEED = "pl_med_spd";
145 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_NOT_AVAILABLE = "pl_not_avail";
146 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_NOT_HOME = "pl_not_home";
147 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OFF = "pl_off";
148 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OFF_SPEED = "pl_off_spd";
149 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ON = "pl_on";
150 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OPEN = "pl_open";
151 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OSCILLATION_OFF = "pl_osc_off";
152 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OSCILLATION_ON = "pl_osc_on";
153 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_PAUSE = "pl_paus";
154 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET = "pl_rst";
155 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET_HUMIDITY = "pl_rst_hum";
156 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET_MODE = "pl_rst_mode";
157 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET_PERCENTAGE = "pl_rst_pct";
158 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET_PRESET_MODE = "pl_rst_pr_mode";
159 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RETURN_TO_BASE = "pl_ret";
160 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_START = "pl_strt";
161 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_START_PAUSE = "pl_stpa";
162 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_STOP = "pl_stop";
163 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_TURN_OFF = "pl_toff";
164 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_TURN_ON = "pl_ton";
165 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_UNLOCK = "pl_unlk";
166 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PERCENTAGE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "pct_cmd_tpl";
167 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PERCENTAGE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "pct_cmd_t";
168 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PERCENTAGE_STATE_TOPIC = "pct_stat_t";
169 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PERCENTAGE_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "pct_val_tpl";
170 constexpr const char *const MQTT_POSITION_CLOSED = "pos_clsd";
171 constexpr const char *const MQTT_POSITION_OPEN = "pos_open";
172 constexpr const char *const MQTT_POSITION_TEMPLATE = "pos_tpl";
173 constexpr const char *const MQTT_POSITION_TOPIC = "pos_t";
174 constexpr const char *const MQTT_POWER_COMMAND_TOPIC = "pow_cmd_t";
175 constexpr const char *const MQTT_POWER_STATE_TEMPLATE = "pow_stat_tpl";
176 constexpr const char *const MQTT_POWER_STATE_TOPIC = "pow_stat_t";
177 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "pr_mode_cmd_tpl";
178 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "pr_mode_cmd_t";
179 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODE_STATE_TOPIC = "pr_mode_stat_t";
180 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODE_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "pr_mode_val_tpl";
181 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODES = "pr_modes";
182 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RED_TEMPLATE = "r_tpl";
183 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RETAIN = "ret";
184 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGB_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "rgb_cmd_tpl";
185 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGB_COMMAND_TOPIC = "rgb_cmd_t";
186 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGB_STATE_TOPIC = "rgb_stat_t";
187 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGB_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "rgb_val_tpl";
188 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBW_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "rgbw_cmd_tpl";
189 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBW_COMMAND_TOPIC = "rgbw_cmd_t";
190 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBW_STATE_TOPIC = "rgbw_stat_t";
191 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBW_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "rgbw_val_tpl";
192 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBWW_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "rgbww_cmd_tpl";
193 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBWW_COMMAND_TOPIC = "rgbww_cmd_t";
194 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBWW_STATE_TOPIC = "rgbww_stat_t";
195 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBWW_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "rgbww_val_tpl";
196 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SEND_COMMAND_TOPIC = "send_cmd_t";
197 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SEND_IF_OFF = "send_if_off";
198 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SET_FAN_SPEED_TOPIC = "set_fan_spd_t";
199 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SET_POSITION_TEMPLATE = "set_pos_tpl";
200 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SET_POSITION_TOPIC = "set_pos_t";
201 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SOURCE_TYPE = "src_type";
202 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_COMMAND_TOPIC = "spd_cmd_t";
203 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_RANGE_MAX = "spd_rng_max";
204 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_RANGE_MIN = "spd_rng_min";
205 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_STATE_TOPIC = "spd_stat_t";
206 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "spd_val_tpl";
207 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEEDS = "spds";
208 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_CLASS = "stat_cla";
209 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_CLOSED = "stat_clsd";
210 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_CLOSING = "stat_closing";
211 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_LOCKED = "stat_locked";
212 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_OFF = "stat_off";
213 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_ON = "stat_on";
214 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_OPEN = "stat_open";
215 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_OPENING = "stat_opening";
216 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_STOPPED = "stat_stopped";
217 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_TEMPLATE = "stat_tpl";
218 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_TOPIC = "stat_t";
219 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_UNLOCKED = "stat_unlocked";
220 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "stat_val_tpl";
221 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STEP = "step";
222 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SUBTYPE = "stype";
223 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SUPPORTED_COLOR_MODES = "sup_clrm";
224 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SUPPORTED_FEATURES = "sup_feat";
225 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SWING_MODE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "swing_mode_cmd_tpl";
226 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SWING_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "swing_mode_cmd_t";
227 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SWING_MODE_STATE_TEMPLATE = "swing_mode_stat_tpl";
228 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SWING_MODE_STATE_TOPIC = "swing_mode_stat_t";
229 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TARGET_HUMIDITY_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "hum_cmd_tpl";
230 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TARGET_HUMIDITY_COMMAND_TOPIC = "hum_cmd_t";
231 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TARGET_HUMIDITY_STATE_TEMPLATE = "hum_state_tpl";
232 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TARGET_HUMIDITY_STATE_TOPIC = "hum_stat_t";
233 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "temp_cmd_tpl";
234 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "temp_cmd_t";
235 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_HIGH_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "temp_hi_cmd_tpl";
236 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_HIGH_COMMAND_TOPIC = "temp_hi_cmd_t";
237 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_HIGH_STATE_TEMPLATE = "temp_hi_stat_tpl";
238 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_HIGH_STATE_TOPIC = "temp_hi_stat_t";
239 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_LOW_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "temp_lo_cmd_tpl";
240 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_LOW_COMMAND_TOPIC = "temp_lo_cmd_t";
241 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_LOW_STATE_TEMPLATE = "temp_lo_stat_tpl";
242 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_LOW_STATE_TOPIC = "temp_lo_stat_t";
243 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_STATE_TEMPLATE = "temp_stat_tpl";
244 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_STATE_TOPIC = "temp_stat_t";
245 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_UNIT = "temp_unit";
246 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_CLOSED_VALUE = "tilt_clsd_val";
247 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "tilt_cmd_tpl";
248 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_COMMAND_TOPIC = "tilt_cmd_t";
249 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_INVERT_STATE = "tilt_inv_stat";
250 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_MAX = "tilt_max";
251 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_MIN = "tilt_min";
252 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_OPENED_VALUE = "tilt_opnd_val";
253 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_OPTIMISTIC = "tilt_opt";
254 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_STATUS_TEMPLATE = "tilt_status_tpl";
255 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_STATUS_TOPIC = "tilt_status_t";
256 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TOPIC = "t";
257 constexpr const char *const MQTT_UNIQUE_ID = "uniq_id";
258 constexpr const char *const MQTT_UNIT_OF_MEASUREMENT = "unit_of_meas";
259 constexpr const char *const MQTT_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "val_tpl";
260 constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "whit_cmd_t";
261 constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_SCALE = "whit_scl";
262 constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_VALUE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "whit_val_cmd_t";
263 constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_VALUE_SCALE = "whit_val_scl";
264 constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_VALUE_STATE_TOPIC = "whit_val_stat_t";
265 constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "whit_val_tpl";
266 constexpr const char *const MQTT_XY_COMMAND_TOPIC = "xy_cmd_t";
267 constexpr const char *const MQTT_XY_STATE_TOPIC = "xy_stat_t";
268 constexpr const char *const MQTT_XY_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "xy_val_tpl";
270 #else
272 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ACTION_TEMPLATE = "action_template";
273 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ACTION_TOPIC = "action_topic";
274 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AUTOMATION_TYPE = "automation_type";
275 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AUX_COMMAND_TOPIC = "aux_command_topic";
276 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AUX_STATE_TEMPLATE = "aux_state_template";
277 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AUX_STATE_TOPIC = "aux_state_topic";
278 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AVAILABILITY = "availability";
279 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AVAILABILITY_MODE = "availability_mode";
280 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AVAILABILITY_TOPIC = "availability_topic";
281 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AWAY_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "away_mode_command_topic";
282 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AWAY_MODE_STATE_TEMPLATE = "away_mode_state_template";
283 constexpr const char *const MQTT_AWAY_MODE_STATE_TOPIC = "away_mode_state_topic";
284 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BATTERY_LEVEL_TEMPLATE = "battery_level_template";
285 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BATTERY_LEVEL_TOPIC = "battery_level_topic";
286 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BLUE_TEMPLATE = "blue_template";
287 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_COMMAND_TOPIC = "brightness_command_topic";
288 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_SCALE = "brightness_scale";
289 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_STATE_TOPIC = "brightness_state_topic";
290 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_TEMPLATE = "brightness_template";
291 constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "brightness_value_template";
292 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CHARGING_TEMPLATE = "charging_template";
293 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CHARGING_TOPIC = "charging_topic";
294 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CLEANING_TEMPLATE = "cleaning_template";
295 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CLEANING_TOPIC = "cleaning_topic";
296 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CODE_ARM_REQUIRED = "code_arm_required";
297 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CODE_DISARM_REQUIRED = "code_disarm_required";
298 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_MODE = "color_mode";
299 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_MODE_STATE_TOPIC = "color_mode_state_topic";
300 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_MODE_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "color_mode_value_template";
301 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "color_temp_command_template";
302 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_COMMAND_TOPIC = "color_temp_command_topic";
303 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_STATE_TOPIC = "color_temp_state_topic";
304 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_TEMPLATE = "color_temp_template";
305 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "color_temp_value_template";
306 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_OFF_TEMPLATE = "command_off_template";
307 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_ON_TEMPLATE = "command_on_template";
308 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_RETAIN = "retain";
309 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "command_template";
310 constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_TOPIC = "command_topic";
311 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CONFIGURATION_URL = "configuration_url";
312 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CURRENT_HUMIDITY_TEMPLATE = "current_humidity_template";
313 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CURRENT_HUMIDITY_TOPIC = "current_humidity_topic";
314 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CURRENT_TEMPERATURE_TEMPLATE = "current_temperature_template";
315 constexpr const char *const MQTT_CURRENT_TEMPERATURE_TOPIC = "current_temperature_topic";
316 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE = "device";
317 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_CLASS = "device_class";
318 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_CONNECTIONS = "connections";
319 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_IDENTIFIERS = "identifiers";
320 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_MANUFACTURER = "manufacturer";
321 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_MODEL = "model";
322 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_NAME = "name";
323 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_SUGGESTED_AREA = "suggested_area";
324 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_SW_VERSION = "sw_version";
325 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DOCKED_TEMPLATE = "docked_template";
326 constexpr const char *const MQTT_DOCKED_TOPIC = "docked_topic";
327 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_COMMAND_TOPIC = "effect_command_topic";
328 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_LIST = "effect_list";
329 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_STATE_TOPIC = "effect_state_topic";
330 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_TEMPLATE = "effect_template";
331 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "effect_value_template";
332 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT = "enabled_by_default";
333 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ENTITY_CATEGORY = "entity_category";
334 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ERROR_TEMPLATE = "error_template";
335 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ERROR_TOPIC = "error_topic";
336 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EVENT_TYPE = "event_type";
337 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EVENT_TYPES = "event_types";
338 constexpr const char *const MQTT_EXPIRE_AFTER = "expire_after";
339 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_MODE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "fan_mode_command_template";
340 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "fan_mode_command_topic";
341 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_MODE_STATE_TEMPLATE = "fan_mode_state_template";
342 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_MODE_STATE_TOPIC = "fan_mode_state_topic";
343 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_SPEED_LIST = "fan_speed_list";
344 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_SPEED_TEMPLATE = "fan_speed_template";
345 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_SPEED_TOPIC = "fan_speed_topic";
346 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FLASH_TIME_LONG = "flash_time_long";
347 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FLASH_TIME_SHORT = "flash_time_short";
348 constexpr const char *const MQTT_FORCE_UPDATE = "force_update";
349 constexpr const char *const MQTT_GREEN_TEMPLATE = "green_template";
350 constexpr const char *const MQTT_HOLD_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "hold_command_template";
351 constexpr const char *const MQTT_HOLD_COMMAND_TOPIC = "hold_command_topic";
352 constexpr const char *const MQTT_HOLD_STATE_TEMPLATE = "hold_state_template";
353 constexpr const char *const MQTT_HOLD_STATE_TOPIC = "hold_state_topic";
354 constexpr const char *const MQTT_HS_COMMAND_TOPIC = "hs_command_topic";
355 constexpr const char *const MQTT_HS_STATE_TOPIC = "hs_state_topic";
356 constexpr const char *const MQTT_HS_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "hs_value_template";
357 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ICON = "icon";
358 constexpr const char *const MQTT_INITIAL = "initial";
359 constexpr const char *const MQTT_JSON_ATTRIBUTES = "json_attributes";
360 constexpr const char *const MQTT_JSON_ATTRIBUTES_TEMPLATE = "json_attributes_template";
361 constexpr const char *const MQTT_JSON_ATTRIBUTES_TOPIC = "json_attributes_topic";
362 constexpr const char *const MQTT_LAST_RESET_TOPIC = "last_reset_topic";
363 constexpr const char *const MQTT_LAST_RESET_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "last_reset_value_template";
364 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MAX = "max";
365 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MAX_HUMIDITY = "max_humidity";
366 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MAX_MIREDS = "max_mireds";
367 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MAX_TEMP = "max_temp";
368 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MIN = "min";
369 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MIN_HUMIDITY = "min_humidity";
370 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MIN_MIREDS = "min_mireds";
371 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MIN_TEMP = "min_temp";
372 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE = "mode";
373 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "mode_command_template";
374 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "mode_command_topic";
375 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE_STATE_TEMPLATE = "mode_state_template";
376 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE_STATE_TOPIC = "mode_state_topic";
377 constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODES = "modes";
378 constexpr const char *const MQTT_NAME = "name";
379 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OBJECT_ID = "object_id";
380 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OFF_DELAY = "off_delay";
381 constexpr const char *const MQTT_ON_COMMAND_TYPE = "on_command_type";
382 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OPTIMISTIC = "optimistic";
383 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OPTIONS = "options";
384 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OSCILLATION_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "oscillation_command_template";
385 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OSCILLATION_COMMAND_TOPIC = "oscillation_command_topic";
386 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OSCILLATION_STATE_TOPIC = "oscillation_state_topic";
387 constexpr const char *const MQTT_OSCILLATION_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "oscillation_value_template";
388 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD = "payload";
389 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_AWAY = "payload_arm_away";
390 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_CUSTOM_BYPASS = "payload_arm_custom_bypass";
391 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_HOME = "payload_arm_home";
392 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_NIGHT = "payload_arm_night";
393 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_VACATION = "payload_arm_vacation";
394 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_AVAILABLE = "payload_available";
395 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_CLEAN_SPOT = "payload_clean_spot";
396 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_CLOSE = "payload_close";
397 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_DISARM = "payload_disarm";
398 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_HIGH_SPEED = "payload_high_speed";
399 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_HOME = "payload_home";
400 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_INSTALL = "payload_install";
401 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_LOCATE = "payload_locate";
402 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_LOCK = "payload_lock";
403 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_LOW_SPEED = "payload_low_speed";
404 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_MEDIUM_SPEED = "payload_medium_speed";
405 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_NOT_AVAILABLE = "payload_not_available";
406 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_NOT_HOME = "payload_not_home";
407 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OFF = "payload_off";
408 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OFF_SPEED = "payload_off_speed";
409 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ON = "payload_on";
410 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OPEN = "payload_open";
411 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OSCILLATION_OFF = "payload_oscillation_off";
412 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OSCILLATION_ON = "payload_oscillation_on";
413 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_PAUSE = "payload_pause";
414 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET = "payload_reset";
415 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET_HUMIDITY = "payload_reset_humidity";
416 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET_MODE = "payload_reset_mode";
417 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET_PERCENTAGE = "payload_reset_percentage";
418 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET_PRESET_MODE = "payload_reset_preset_mode";
419 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RETURN_TO_BASE = "payload_return_to_base";
420 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_START = "payload_start";
421 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_START_PAUSE = "payload_start_pause";
422 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_STOP = "payload_stop";
423 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_TURN_OFF = "payload_turn_off";
424 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_TURN_ON = "payload_turn_on";
425 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_UNLOCK = "payload_unlock";
426 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PERCENTAGE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "percentage_command_template";
427 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PERCENTAGE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "percentage_command_topic";
428 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PERCENTAGE_STATE_TOPIC = "percentage_state_topic";
429 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PERCENTAGE_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "percentage_value_template";
430 constexpr const char *const MQTT_POSITION_CLOSED = "position_closed";
431 constexpr const char *const MQTT_POSITION_OPEN = "position_open";
432 constexpr const char *const MQTT_POSITION_TEMPLATE = "position_template";
433 constexpr const char *const MQTT_POSITION_TOPIC = "position_topic";
434 constexpr const char *const MQTT_POWER_COMMAND_TOPIC = "power_command_topic";
435 constexpr const char *const MQTT_POWER_STATE_TEMPLATE = "power_state_template";
436 constexpr const char *const MQTT_POWER_STATE_TOPIC = "power_state_topic";
437 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "preset_mode_command_template";
438 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "preset_mode_command_topic";
439 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODE_STATE_TOPIC = "preset_mode_state_topic";
440 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODE_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "preset_mode_value_template";
441 constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODES = "preset_modes";
442 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RED_TEMPLATE = "red_template";
443 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RETAIN = "retain";
444 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGB_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "rgb_command_template";
445 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGB_COMMAND_TOPIC = "rgb_command_topic";
446 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGB_STATE_TOPIC = "rgb_state_topic";
447 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGB_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "rgb_value_template";
448 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBW_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "rgbw_command_template";
449 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBW_COMMAND_TOPIC = "rgbw_command_topic";
450 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBW_STATE_TOPIC = "rgbw_state_topic";
451 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBW_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "rgbw_value_template";
452 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBWW_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "rgbww_command_template";
453 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBWW_COMMAND_TOPIC = "rgbww_command_topic";
454 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBWW_STATE_TOPIC = "rgbww_state_topic";
455 constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBWW_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "rgbww_value_template";
456 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SEND_COMMAND_TOPIC = "send_command_topic";
457 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SEND_IF_OFF = "send_if_off";
458 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SET_FAN_SPEED_TOPIC = "set_fan_speed_topic";
459 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SET_POSITION_TEMPLATE = "set_position_template";
460 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SET_POSITION_TOPIC = "set_position_topic";
461 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SOURCE_TYPE = "source_type";
462 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_COMMAND_TOPIC = "speed_command_topic";
463 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_RANGE_MAX = "speed_range_max";
464 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_RANGE_MIN = "speed_range_min";
465 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_STATE_TOPIC = "speed_state_topic";
466 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "speed_value_template";
467 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEEDS = "speeds";
468 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_CLASS = "state_class";
469 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_CLOSED = "state_closed";
470 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_CLOSING = "state_closing";
471 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_LOCKED = "state_locked";
472 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_OFF = "state_off";
473 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_ON = "state_on";
474 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_OPEN = "state_open";
475 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_OPENING = "state_opening";
476 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_STOPPED = "state_stopped";
477 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_TEMPLATE = "state_template";
478 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_TOPIC = "state_topic";
479 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_UNLOCKED = "state_unlocked";
480 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "state_value_template";
481 constexpr const char *const MQTT_STEP = "step";
482 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SUBTYPE = "subtype";
483 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SUPPORTED_COLOR_MODES = "supported_color_modes";
484 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SUPPORTED_FEATURES = "supported_features";
485 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SWING_MODE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "swing_mode_command_template";
486 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SWING_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "swing_mode_command_topic";
487 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SWING_MODE_STATE_TEMPLATE = "swing_mode_state_template";
488 constexpr const char *const MQTT_SWING_MODE_STATE_TOPIC = "swing_mode_state_topic";
489 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TARGET_HUMIDITY_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "target_humidity_command_template";
490 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TARGET_HUMIDITY_COMMAND_TOPIC = "target_humidity_command_topic";
491 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TARGET_HUMIDITY_STATE_TEMPLATE = "target_humidity_state_template";
492 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TARGET_HUMIDITY_STATE_TOPIC = "target_humidity_state_topic";
493 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "temperature_command_template";
494 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "temperature_command_topic";
495 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_HIGH_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "temperature_high_command_template";
496 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_HIGH_COMMAND_TOPIC = "temperature_high_command_topic";
497 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_HIGH_STATE_TEMPLATE = "temperature_high_state_template";
498 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_HIGH_STATE_TOPIC = "temperature_high_state_topic";
499 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_LOW_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "temperature_low_command_template";
500 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_LOW_COMMAND_TOPIC = "temperature_low_command_topic";
501 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_LOW_STATE_TEMPLATE = "temperature_low_state_template";
502 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_LOW_STATE_TOPIC = "temperature_low_state_topic";
503 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_STATE_TEMPLATE = "temperature_state_template";
504 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_STATE_TOPIC = "temperature_state_topic";
505 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_UNIT = "temperature_unit";
506 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_CLOSED_VALUE = "tilt_closed_value";
507 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_COMMAND_TEMPLATE = "tilt_command_template";
508 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_COMMAND_TOPIC = "tilt_command_topic";
509 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_INVERT_STATE = "tilt_invert_state";
510 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_MAX = "tilt_max";
511 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_MIN = "tilt_min";
512 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_OPENED_VALUE = "tilt_opened_value";
513 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_OPTIMISTIC = "tilt_optimistic";
514 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_STATUS_TEMPLATE = "tilt_status_template";
515 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_STATUS_TOPIC = "tilt_status_topic";
516 constexpr const char *const MQTT_TOPIC = "topic";
517 constexpr const char *const MQTT_UNIQUE_ID = "unique_id";
518 constexpr const char *const MQTT_UNIT_OF_MEASUREMENT = "unit_of_measurement";
519 constexpr const char *const MQTT_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "value_template";
520 constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "white_command_topic";
521 constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_SCALE = "white_scale";
522 constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_VALUE_COMMAND_TOPIC = "white_value_command_topic";
523 constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_VALUE_SCALE = "white_value_scale";
524 constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_VALUE_STATE_TOPIC = "white_value_state_topic";
525 constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "white_value_template";
526 constexpr const char *const MQTT_XY_COMMAND_TOPIC = "xy_command_topic";
527 constexpr const char *const MQTT_XY_STATE_TOPIC = "xy_state_topic";
528 constexpr const char *const MQTT_XY_VALUE_TEMPLATE = "xy_value_template";
530 #endif
532 } // namespace mqtt
533 } // namespace esphome
535 #endif // USE_MQTT
constexpr const char *const MQTT_CURRENT_TEMPERATURE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:55
constexpr const char *const MQTT_ERROR_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:75
constexpr const char *const MQTT_MIN_TEMP
Definition: mqtt_const.h:111
constexpr const char *const MQTT_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:259
constexpr const char *const MQTT_CHARGING_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:32
constexpr const char *const MQTT_MIN
Definition: mqtt_const.h:108
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:202
constexpr const char *const MQTT_CHARGING_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:33
constexpr const char *const MQTT_RED_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:182
constexpr const char *const MQTT_CLEANING_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:34
constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBW_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:190
constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:31
constexpr const char *const MQTT_HOLD_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:93
constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGB_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:185
constexpr const char *const MQTT_CURRENT_TEMPERATURE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:54
constexpr const char *const MQTT_XY_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:266
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_CUSTOM_BYPASS
Definition: mqtt_const.h:130
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OPEN
Definition: mqtt_const.h:150
constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_SW_VERSION
Definition: mqtt_const.h:64
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SET_FAN_SPEED_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:198
constexpr const char *const MQTT_POSITION_CLOSED
Definition: mqtt_const.h:170
constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_MODEL
Definition: mqtt_const.h:61
constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:80
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SWING_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:226
constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_MODE_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:82
constexpr const char *const MQTT_JSON_ATTRIBUTES_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:101
constexpr const char *const MQTT_HS_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:96
constexpr const char *const MQTT_LAST_RESET_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:103
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_PAUSE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:153
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OSCILLATION_OFF
Definition: mqtt_const.h:151
constexpr const char *const MQTT_INITIAL
Definition: mqtt_const.h:98
constexpr const char *const MQTT_NAME
Definition: mqtt_const.h:118
constexpr const char *const MQTT_ERROR_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:74
constexpr const char *const MQTT_CURRENT_HUMIDITY_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:53
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OSCILLATION_ON
Definition: mqtt_const.h:152
constexpr const char *const MQTT_ACTION_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:13
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_INVERT_STATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:249
constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:44
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TARGET_HUMIDITY_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:232
constexpr const char *const MQTT_EVENT_TYPES
Definition: mqtt_const.h:77
Definition: mqtt_const.h:235
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_TURN_OFF
Definition: mqtt_const.h:163
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_CLEAN_SPOT
Definition: mqtt_const.h:135
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_HIGH_SPEED
Definition: mqtt_const.h:138
constexpr const char *const MQTT_AWAY_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:21
constexpr const char *const MQTT_FLASH_TIME_SHORT
Definition: mqtt_const.h:87
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET
Definition: mqtt_const.h:154
constexpr const char *const MQTT_AWAY_MODE_STATE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:22
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_AVAILABLE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:134
constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBWW_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:194
constexpr const char *const MQTT_AUX_STATE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:16
constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_OFF_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:46
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:234
constexpr const char *const MQTT_ACTION_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:12
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:205
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:244
constexpr const char *const MQTT_ON_COMMAND_TYPE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:121
constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_MODE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:38
constexpr const char *const MQTT_ENTITY_CATEGORY
Definition: mqtt_const.h:73
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SOURCE_TYPE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:201
constexpr const char *const MQTT_BLUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:26
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_OPTIMISTIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:253
constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:71
constexpr const char *const MQTT_RETAIN
Definition: mqtt_const.h:183
constexpr const char *const MQTT_MAX_TEMP
Definition: mqtt_const.h:107
constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:116
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_NOT_AVAILABLE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:145
constexpr const char *const MQTT_OSCILLATION_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:126
constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_IDENTIFIERS
Definition: mqtt_const.h:59
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:178
constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBW_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:191
constexpr const char *const MQTT_OSCILLATION_COMMAND_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:124
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_INSTALL
Definition: mqtt_const.h:140
constexpr const char *const MQTT_HS_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:95
constexpr const char *const MQTT_OPTIMISTIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:122
constexpr const char *const MQTT_JSON_ATTRIBUTES
Definition: mqtt_const.h:99
constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_ON_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:47
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SWING_MODE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:225
constexpr const char *const MQTT_XY_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:268
constexpr const char *const MQTT_OPTIONS
Definition: mqtt_const.h:123
constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_SUGGESTED_AREA
Definition: mqtt_const.h:63
constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_VALUE_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:262
constexpr const char *const MQTT_JSON_ATTRIBUTES_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:100
constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_MODE_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:40
constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_VALUE_SCALE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:263
constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE_STATE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:115
constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_SPEED_LIST
Definition: mqtt_const.h:83
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ON
Definition: mqtt_const.h:149
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_LOW_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:240
constexpr const char *const MQTT_CODE_ARM_REQUIRED
Definition: mqtt_const.h:36
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_RANGE_MIN
Definition: mqtt_const.h:204
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SET_POSITION_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:200
constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:43
constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:67
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_UNLOCK
Definition: mqtt_const.h:165
constexpr const char *const MQTT_AUX_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:15
constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_OPENING
Definition: mqtt_const.h:215
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_HIGH_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:236
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OFF
Definition: mqtt_const.h:147
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_COMMAND_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:247
constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBWW_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:193
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_START
Definition: mqtt_const.h:160
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_UNIT
Definition: mqtt_const.h:245
constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBW_COMMAND_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:188
constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGB_COMMAND_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:184
constexpr const char *const MQTT_AVAILABILITY
Definition: mqtt_const.h:18
constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:218
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET_MODE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:156
constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:70
constexpr const char *const MQTT_CODE_DISARM_REQUIRED
Definition: mqtt_const.h:37
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_CLOSED_VALUE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:246
constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_CLASS
Definition: mqtt_const.h:208
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_STATUS_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:254
constexpr const char *const MQTT_AVAILABILITY_MODE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:19
constexpr const char *const MQTT_STEP
Definition: mqtt_const.h:221
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODE_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:180
constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_NAME
Definition: mqtt_const.h:62
constexpr const char *const MQTT_GREEN_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:89
constexpr const char *const MQTT_POWER_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:174
constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:260
constexpr const char *const MQTT_FLASH_TIME_LONG
Definition: mqtt_const.h:86
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SUPPORTED_COLOR_MODES
Definition: mqtt_const.h:223
constexpr const char *const MQTT_HS_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:94
constexpr const char *const MQTT_POSITION_OPEN
Definition: mqtt_const.h:171
constexpr const char *const MQTT_UNIT_OF_MEASUREMENT
Definition: mqtt_const.h:258
constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_UNLOCKED
Definition: mqtt_const.h:219
constexpr const char *const MQTT_FORCE_UPDATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:88
constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:50
constexpr const char *const MQTT_MIN_HUMIDITY
Definition: mqtt_const.h:109
constexpr const char *const MQTT_XY_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:267
constexpr const char *const MQTT_CLEANING_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:35
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_LOCATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:141
constexpr const char *const MQTT_MAX_HUMIDITY
Definition: mqtt_const.h:105
constexpr const char *const MQTT_OSCILLATION_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:125
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:177
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PERCENTAGE_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:167
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TARGET_HUMIDITY_STATE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:231
constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_CLOSED
Definition: mqtt_const.h:209
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_HIGH_STATE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:237
constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_ON
Definition: mqtt_const.h:213
constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_OPEN
Definition: mqtt_const.h:214
constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGB_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:187
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_MAX
Definition: mqtt_const.h:250
constexpr const char *const MQTT_MAX
Definition: mqtt_const.h:104
constexpr const char *const MQTT_MIN_MIREDS
Definition: mqtt_const.h:110
constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:265
constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:29
constexpr const char *const MQTT_AWAY_MODE_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:23
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_MEDIUM_SPEED
Definition: mqtt_const.h:144
constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:112
constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_MODE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:79
constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:30
constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_MANUFACTURER
Definition: mqtt_const.h:60
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_LOW_STATE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:241
constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_STOPPED
Definition: mqtt_const.h:216
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_LOW_SPEED
Definition: mqtt_const.h:143
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PERCENTAGE_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:168
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_START_PAUSE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:161
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:233
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:256
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_VACATION
Definition: mqtt_const.h:133
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_OPENED_VALUE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:252
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_TURN_ON
Definition: mqtt_const.h:164
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_RANGE_MAX
Definition: mqtt_const.h:203
constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBWW_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:195
constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_RETAIN
Definition: mqtt_const.h:48
constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_MODE_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:39
constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBWW_COMMAND_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:192
constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_SPEED_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:84
constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:69
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RETURN_TO_BASE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:159
constexpr const char *const MQTT_OFF_DELAY
Definition: mqtt_const.h:120
constexpr const char *const MQTT_EVENT_TYPE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:76
constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODES
Definition: mqtt_const.h:117
constexpr const char *const MQTT_BATTERY_LEVEL_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:25
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD
Definition: mqtt_const.h:128
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_NOT_HOME
Definition: mqtt_const.h:146
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEED_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:206
constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_OFF
Definition: mqtt_const.h:212
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_HOME
Definition: mqtt_const.h:139
constexpr const char *const MQTT_HOLD_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:91
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SUPPORTED_FEATURES
Definition: mqtt_const.h:224
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET_HUMIDITY
Definition: mqtt_const.h:155
constexpr const char *const MQTT_HOLD_COMMAND_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:90
constexpr const char *const MQTT_CURRENT_HUMIDITY_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:52
constexpr const char *const MQTT_HOLD_STATE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:92
constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_SCALE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:28
constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_SPEED_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:85
constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGB_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:186
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_NIGHT
Definition: mqtt_const.h:132
constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:220
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_OFF_SPEED
Definition: mqtt_const.h:148
constexpr const char *const MQTT_POSITION_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:172
constexpr const char *const MQTT_AUTOMATION_TYPE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:14
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SWING_MODE_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:228
constexpr const char *const MQTT_AUX_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:17
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET_PRESET_MODE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:158
constexpr const char *const MQTT_ICON
Definition: mqtt_const.h:97
constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_VALUE_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:264
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SEND_IF_OFF
Definition: mqtt_const.h:197
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SUBTYPE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:222
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SPEEDS
Definition: mqtt_const.h:207
constexpr const char *const MQTT_OBJECT_ID
Definition: mqtt_const.h:119
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TARGET_HUMIDITY_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:230
constexpr const char *const MQTT_EXPIRE_AFTER
Definition: mqtt_const.h:78
Implementation of SPI Controller mode.
Definition: a01nyub.cpp:7
constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:217
constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_LOCKED
Definition: mqtt_const.h:211
constexpr const char *const MQTT_CONFIGURATION_URL
Definition: mqtt_const.h:51
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SET_POSITION_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:199
constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:113
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PERCENTAGE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:166
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODE_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:179
constexpr const char *const MQTT_OSCILLATION_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:127
constexpr const char *const MQTT_DOCKED_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:65
constexpr const char *const MQTT_WHITE_SCALE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:261
constexpr const char *const MQTT_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT
Definition: mqtt_const.h:72
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SEND_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:196
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_CLOSE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:136
constexpr const char *const MQTT_UNIQUE_ID
Definition: mqtt_const.h:257
constexpr const char *const MQTT_EFFECT_LIST
Definition: mqtt_const.h:68
constexpr const char *const MQTT_AVAILABILITY_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:20
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_MIN
Definition: mqtt_const.h:251
constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_CLASS
Definition: mqtt_const.h:57
constexpr const char *const MQTT_POSITION_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:173
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PRESET_MODES
Definition: mqtt_const.h:181
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_HIGH_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:238
constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:45
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_DISARM
Definition: mqtt_const.h:137
constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_COMMAND_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:41
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_STATE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:243
constexpr const char *const MQTT_FAN_MODE_STATE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:81
constexpr const char *const MQTT_MODE_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:114
constexpr const char *const MQTT_MAX_MIREDS
Definition: mqtt_const.h:106
constexpr const char *const MQTT_LAST_RESET_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:102
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_LOCK
Definition: mqtt_const.h:142
constexpr const char *const MQTT_SWING_MODE_STATE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:227
constexpr const char *const MQTT_POWER_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:176
Definition: mqtt_const.h:229
constexpr const char *const MQTT_BRIGHTNESS_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:27
Definition: mqtt_const.h:239
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_STOP
Definition: mqtt_const.h:162
constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:56
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_HOME
Definition: mqtt_const.h:131
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TEMPERATURE_LOW_STATE_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:242
constexpr const char *const MQTT_DOCKED_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:66
constexpr const char *const MQTT_POWER_STATE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:175
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_ARM_AWAY
Definition: mqtt_const.h:129
constexpr const char *const MQTT_COLOR_TEMP_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:42
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PERCENTAGE_VALUE_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:169
constexpr const char *const MQTT_PAYLOAD_RESET_PERCENTAGE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:157
constexpr const char *const MQTT_DEVICE_CONNECTIONS
Definition: mqtt_const.h:58
constexpr const char *const MQTT_COMMAND_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:49
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_STATUS_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:255
constexpr const char *const MQTT_BATTERY_LEVEL_TEMPLATE
Definition: mqtt_const.h:24
constexpr const char *const MQTT_STATE_CLOSING
Definition: mqtt_const.h:210
constexpr const char *const MQTT_TILT_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:248
constexpr const char *const MQTT_RGBW_COMMAND_TOPIC
Definition: mqtt_const.h:189