ESPHome  2024.3.2
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1 #pragma once
3 #include "../emc2101.h"
7 namespace esphome {
8 namespace emc2101 {
12  public:
13  EMC2101Sensor(Emc2101Component *parent) : parent_(parent) {}
15  void dump_config() override;
17  void update() override;
19  float get_setup_priority() const override;
26  void set_speed_sensor(sensor::Sensor *sensor) { this->speed_sensor_ = sensor; }
28  void set_duty_cycle_sensor(sensor::Sensor *sensor) { this->duty_cycle_sensor_ = sensor; }
30  protected:
36 };
38 } // namespace emc2101
39 } // namespace esphome
void update() override
Used by ESPHome framework.
sensor::Sensor * external_temperature_sensor_
This class exposes the EMC2101 sensors.
void set_speed_sensor(sensor::Sensor *sensor)
Used by ESPHome framework.
This class simplifies creating components that periodically check a state.
Definition: component.h:283
void dump_config() override
Used by ESPHome framework.
sensor::Sensor * internal_temperature_sensor_
float get_setup_priority() const override
Used by ESPHome framework.
void set_external_temperature_sensor(sensor::Sensor *sensor)
Used by ESPHome framework.
EMC2101Sensor(Emc2101Component *parent)
void set_duty_cycle_sensor(sensor::Sensor *sensor)
Used by ESPHome framework.
This class includes support for the EMC2101 i2c fan controller.
Definition: emc2101.h:29
This is a workaround until we can figure out a way to get the tflite-micro idf component code availab...
Definition: a01nyub.cpp:7
sensor::Sensor * duty_cycle_sensor_
Base-class for all sensors.
Definition: sensor.h:57
void set_internal_temperature_sensor(sensor::Sensor *sensor)
Used by ESPHome framework.