ESPHome  2024.6.6
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esphome::sm10bit_base::Sm10BitBase::Channel Class Reference

#include <sm10bit_base.h>

Inheritance diagram for esphome::sm10bit_base::Sm10BitBase::Channel:
esphome::output::FloatOutput esphome::output::BinaryOutput

Public Member Functions

void set_parent (Sm10BitBase *parent)
void set_channel (uint8_t channel)
- Public Member Functions inherited from esphome::output::FloatOutput
void set_max_power (float max_power)
 Set the maximum power output of this component. More...
void set_min_power (float min_power)
 Set the minimum power output of this component. More...
void set_zero_means_zero (bool zero_means_zero)
 Sets this output to ignore min_power for a 0 state. More...
void set_level (float state)
 Set the level of this float output, this is called from the front-end. More...
virtual void update_frequency (float frequency)
 Set the frequency of the output for PWM outputs. More...
float get_max_power () const
 Get the maximum power output. More...
float get_min_power () const
 Get the minimum power output. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from esphome::output::BinaryOutput
void set_inverted (bool inverted)
 Set the inversion state of this binary output. More...
void set_power_supply (power_supply::PowerSupply *power_supply)
 Use this to connect up a power supply to this output. More...
virtual void set_state (bool state)
 Enable or disable this binary output. More...
virtual void turn_on ()
 Enable this binary output. More...
virtual void turn_off ()
 Disable this binary output. More...
bool is_inverted () const
 Return whether this binary output is inverted. More...

Protected Member Functions

void write_state (float state) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from esphome::output::FloatOutput
void write_state (bool state) override
 Implement BinarySensor's write_enabled; this should never be called. More...

Protected Attributes

uint8_t channel_
- Protected Attributes inherited from esphome::output::FloatOutput
float max_power_ {1.0f}
float min_power_ {0.0f}
bool zero_means_zero_
- Protected Attributes inherited from esphome::output::BinaryOutput
bool inverted_ {false}
power_supply::PowerSupplyRequester power_ {}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file sm10bit_base.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ set_channel()

void esphome::sm10bit_base::Sm10BitBase::Channel::set_channel ( uint8_t  channel)

Definition at line 34 of file sm10bit_base.h.

◆ set_parent()

void esphome::sm10bit_base::Sm10BitBase::Channel::set_parent ( Sm10BitBase parent)

Definition at line 33 of file sm10bit_base.h.

◆ write_state()

void esphome::sm10bit_base::Sm10BitBase::Channel::write_state ( float  state)

Implements esphome::output::FloatOutput.

Definition at line 37 of file sm10bit_base.h.

Field Documentation

◆ channel_

uint8_t esphome::sm10bit_base::Sm10BitBase::Channel::channel_

Definition at line 43 of file sm10bit_base.h.

◆ parent_

Sm10BitBase* esphome::sm10bit_base::Sm10BitBase::Channel::parent_

Definition at line 42 of file sm10bit_base.h.

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