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bmp3xx.h File Reference

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Data Structures

class  esphome::bmp3xx::BMP3XXComponent
 This class implements support for the BMP3XX Temperature+Pressure i2c sensor. More...
struct  esphome::bmp3xx::BMP3XXComponent::FloatParams


 This is a workaround until we can figure out a way to get the tflite-micro idf component code available in CI.


enum  {
  esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_CHIP_ID = 0x00, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_ERR_REG = 0x02, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_STATUS = 0x03, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_DATA_0 = 0x04,
  esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_DATA_1 = 0x05, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_DATA_2 = 0x06, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_DATA_3 = 0x07, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_DATA_4 = 0x08,
  esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_DATA_5 = 0x09, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_SENSORTIME_0 = 0x0C, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_SENSORTIME_1 = 0x0D, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_SENSORTIME_2 = 0x0E,
  esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_EVENT = 0x10, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_INT_STATUS = 0x11, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_INT_CTRL = 0x19, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_IF_CONFIG = 0x1A,
  esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_PWR_CTRL = 0x1B, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_OSR = 0x1C, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_ODR = 0x1D, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_CONFIG = 0x1F,
  esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_TRIM_PARAMS = 0x31, esphome::bmp3xx::BMP388_CMD = 0x7E
 BMP388_DEV Registers. More...
enum  esphome::bmp3xx::OperationMode { esphome::bmp3xx::SLEEP_MODE = 0x00, esphome::bmp3xx::FORCED_MODE = 0x01, esphome::bmp3xx::NORMAL_MODE = 0x03 }
 Device mode bitfield in the control and measurement register. More...
enum  esphome::bmp3xx::Oversampling {
  esphome::bmp3xx::OVERSAMPLING_NONE = 0x00, esphome::bmp3xx::OVERSAMPLING_X2 = 0x01, esphome::bmp3xx::OVERSAMPLING_X4 = 0x02, esphome::bmp3xx::OVERSAMPLING_X8 = 0x03,
  esphome::bmp3xx::OVERSAMPLING_X16 = 0x04, esphome::bmp3xx::OVERSAMPLING_X32 = 0x05
 Oversampling bit fields in the control and measurement register. More...
enum  esphome::bmp3xx::IIRFilter {
  esphome::bmp3xx::IIR_FILTER_OFF = 0x00, esphome::bmp3xx::IIR_FILTER_2 = 0x01, esphome::bmp3xx::IIR_FILTER_4 = 0x02, esphome::bmp3xx::IIR_FILTER_8 = 0x03,
  esphome::bmp3xx::IIR_FILTER_16 = 0x04, esphome::bmp3xx::IIR_FILTER_32 = 0x05, esphome::bmp3xx::IIR_FILTER_64 = 0x06, esphome::bmp3xx::IIR_FILTER_128 = 0x07
 Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filter bit field in the configuration register. More...


uint16_t param_T1
uint16_t param_T2
int8_t param_T3
int16_t param_P1
int16_t param_P2
int8_t param_P3
int8_t param_P4
uint16_t param_P5
uint16_t param_P6
int8_t param_P7
int8_t param_P8
int16_t param_P9
int8_t param_P10
int8_t param_P11

Variable Documentation

◆ param_P1

int16_t param_P1

Definition at line 133 of file bmp3xx.h.

◆ param_P10

int8_t param_P10

Definition at line 142 of file bmp3xx.h.

◆ param_P11

int8_t param_P11

Definition at line 143 of file bmp3xx.h.

◆ param_P2

int16_t param_P2

Definition at line 134 of file bmp3xx.h.

◆ param_P3

int8_t param_P3

Definition at line 135 of file bmp3xx.h.

◆ param_P4

int8_t param_P4

Definition at line 136 of file bmp3xx.h.

◆ param_P5

uint16_t param_P5

Definition at line 137 of file bmp3xx.h.

◆ param_P6

uint16_t param_P6

Definition at line 138 of file bmp3xx.h.

◆ param_P7

int8_t param_P7

Definition at line 139 of file bmp3xx.h.

◆ param_P8

int8_t param_P8

Definition at line 140 of file bmp3xx.h.

◆ param_P9

int16_t param_P9

Definition at line 141 of file bmp3xx.h.

◆ param_T1

uint16_t param_T1

Definition at line 130 of file bmp3xx.h.

◆ param_T2

uint16_t param_T2

Definition at line 131 of file bmp3xx.h.

◆ param_T3

int8_t param_T3

Definition at line 132 of file bmp3xx.h.