ESPHome  2024.7.1
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bl0942.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  esphome::bl0942::DataPacket
class  esphome::bl0942::BL0942


 Implementation of SPI Controller mode.


struct esphome::bl0942::DataPacket esphome::bl0942::__attribute__ ((packed))


uint8_t frame_header
uint24_le_t i_rms
uint24_le_t v_rms
uint24_le_t i_fast_rms
int24_le_t watt
uint24_le_t cf_cnt
uint16_le_t frequency
uint8_t reserved1
uint8_t status
uint8_t reserved2
uint8_t reserved3
uint8_t checksum
esphome::bl0942::BL0942 esphome::bl0942::__attribute__

Variable Documentation

◆ cf_cnt

uint24_le_t cf_cnt

Definition at line 20 of file bl0942.h.

◆ checksum

uint8_t checksum

Definition at line 26 of file bl0942.h.

◆ frame_header

uint8_t frame_header

Definition at line 15 of file bl0942.h.

◆ frequency

uint16_le_t frequency

Definition at line 21 of file bl0942.h.

◆ i_fast_rms

uint24_le_t i_fast_rms

Definition at line 18 of file bl0942.h.

◆ i_rms

uint24_le_t i_rms

Definition at line 16 of file bl0942.h.

◆ reserved1

uint8_t reserved1

Definition at line 22 of file bl0942.h.

◆ reserved2

uint8_t reserved2

Definition at line 24 of file bl0942.h.

◆ reserved3

uint8_t reserved3

Definition at line 25 of file bl0942.h.

◆ status

uint8_t status

Definition at line 23 of file bl0942.h.

◆ v_rms

uint24_le_t v_rms

Definition at line 17 of file bl0942.h.

◆ watt

int24_le_t watt

Definition at line 19 of file bl0942.h.