IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Board


IAQ Board is a DIY device for measuring internal air quality running with esphome. It’s quite small and is based on a custom PCB where part of the components are soldered and connected.

Here is what it can measure:

  • Temperature / Humidity / Pressure

  • Air particles PM1, PM2.5, PM10

  • Carbon Dioxide with NDIR sensor

  • Air Quality Index by EPA, based on 24h average PM2.5 particles

  • Ambient light

  • Total VOC (volatile organic compound)

  • equivalent CO2 (not very correct compared with the NDIR sensor, but it’s provided by the VOC sensor)

On top of that:

  • At least one OLED display to show the data (can have one more on the top of the MCU board)

  • three RGB wide angle LEDs with auto brightness. LED1 indicates PM2.5, LED2 - Air quality index, LED3 - CO2.

  • auto night dimming of the displays and LEDs (can be disabled)

  • MIN/MAX values of Temperature, PM2.5 and CO2, and 24h average PM2.5 value.

  • multi function button for selection of the data to show on the display

ESPHome Configuration

Full documentation (PCB, Schematic, esphome yaml config) is published here: https://github.com/nkitanov/iaq_board

YAML configuration is about 700 lines and can be downloaded from here: iaq_board.yaml


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