Remote Transmitter Component

The remote_transmitter component lets you send infrared messages to control devices in your home. First, you need to setup a global hub that specifies which pin your remote sender is connected to. Afterwards you can create individual switches that each send a pre-defined remote signal to a device.

Use-cases are for example infrared remotes or 433MHz signals.


This component is much more accurate on the ESP32, since that chipset has a dedicated peripheral for sending exact signal sequences.

# Example configuration entry
  pin: GPIO32
  carrier_duty_percent: 50%

# Individual switches
  - platform: remote_transmitter
    name: "Panasonic TV Off"
      address: 0x4004
      command: 0x100BCBD

Configuration variables:

  • pin (Required, Pin): The pin to transmit the remote signal on.
  • carrier_duty_percent (Optional, int): How much of the time the remote is on. For example, infrared protocols modulate the signal using a carrier signal. Set this is 50% if you’re working with IR leds and to 100% if working with a other things like 433MHz transmitters.
  • id (Optional, ID): Manually specify the ID used for code generation. Use this if you have multiple remote transmitters.


See Finding Remote Codes for a guide for setting this up.