PCA9685 PWM Component

The PCA9685 component represents a PCA9685 12-bit PWM driver (datasheet, adafruit) in esphomelib. It uses I²C Bus for communication.

To use the channels of this components, you first need to setup the global pca9685 hub and give it an id, and then define the individual output channels.

# Example configuration entry
  frequency: 500

# Individual outputs
  - platform: pca9685
    pca9685_id: 'pca9685_hub1'
    channel: 0

Configuration variables:

  • frequency (Required, float): The frequency to let the component drive all PWM outputs at. Must be in range from 24Hz to 1526Hz.
  • address (Optional, int): The I²C address of the driver. Defaults to 0x00.
  • id (Optional, ID): The id to use for this pca9685 component. Use this if you have multiple PCA9685s connected at the same time