Network component

The network component is a global configuration for all types of networks (WiFi, Ethernet).

# Example configuration
    enable_ipv6: true
    min_ipv6_addr_count: 2

Configuration variables:

  • enable_ipv6 (Optional, boolean): Enables IPv6 support. Defaults to false.

  • min_ipv6_addr_count (Optional, integer): ESPHome considers the network to be connected when it has one IPv4 address and this number of IPv6 addresses. Defaults to 0 so as to not hang on boot with networks where IPv6 is not enabled. 2 is typically a reasonable value for configurations requiring IPv6.


The lwIP library used for the network component currently only implements IPv6 SLAAC according to RFC4862. The interface identifier (IID) is directly generated from the device MAC address. This has various security and privacy implications decribed in RFC7721, as this might leak outside of the smart home network and makes the device uniquely identifiable. Therefore, the address generation does not comply to RFC7217.

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