PCF8574 Character-Based LCD Display

The lcd_pcf8574 display platform allows you to use standard character-based LCD displays like this one with esphomelib. This integration is only for LCD displays that display individual characters on a screen (usually 16-20 columns and 2-4 rows), and not for LCD displays that can control each pixel individually.

This version of the LCD integration is for LCD displays with an PCF8574 connected to all the data pins. This has the benefit that you only need to connect two data wires to the ESP instead of the 6 or 10 with the GPIO Character-Based LCD Display. As the communication with the I²C Bus, you need to have an i2c: section in your configuration.


The PCF8574 chip attached to the LCD Display.

# Example configuration entry
  sda: D0
  scl: D1

  - platform: lcd_pcf8574
    dimensions: 18x4
    address: 0x3F
    lambda: |-
      it.print("Hello World!");

Configuration variables:

  • dimensions (Required, string): The dimensions of the display with ROWSxCOLUMNS. If you’re not sure, power the display up and just count them.
  • address (Optional, int): The I²C address of the PCF8574 chip, defaults to 0x3F.
  • lambda (Optional, lambda): The lambda to use for rendering the content on the display. See Rendering Lambda for more information.
  • update_interval (Optional, Time): The interval to re-draw the screen. Defaults to 1s.
  • id (Optional, ID): Manually specify the ID used for code generation.