ESPHome  2022.6.2
Static Public Member Functions | Data Fields
esphome::rotary_encoder::RotaryEncoderSensorStore Struct Reference

#include <rotary_encoder.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void gpio_intr (RotaryEncoderSensorStore *arg)

Data Fields

ISRInternalGPIOPin pin_a
ISRInternalGPIOPin pin_b
volatile int32_t counter {0}
RotaryEncoderResolution resolution {ROTARY_ENCODER_1_PULSE_PER_CYCLE}
int32_t min_value {INT32_MIN}
int32_t max_value {INT32_MAX}
int32_t last_read {0}
uint8_t state {0}
bool first_read {true}
std::array< int8_t, 8 > rotation_events {}
bool rotation_events_overflow {false}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file rotary_encoder.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ gpio_intr()

void IRAM_ATTR HOT esphome::rotary_encoder::RotaryEncoderSensorStore::gpio_intr ( RotaryEncoderSensorStore arg)

Definition at line 85 of file rotary_encoder.cpp.

Field Documentation

◆ counter

volatile int32_t esphome::rotary_encoder::RotaryEncoderSensorStore::counter {0}

Definition at line 31 of file rotary_encoder.h.

◆ first_read

bool esphome::rotary_encoder::RotaryEncoderSensorStore::first_read {true}

Definition at line 37 of file rotary_encoder.h.

◆ last_read

int32_t esphome::rotary_encoder::RotaryEncoderSensorStore::last_read {0}

Definition at line 35 of file rotary_encoder.h.

◆ max_value

int32_t esphome::rotary_encoder::RotaryEncoderSensorStore::max_value {INT32_MAX}

Definition at line 34 of file rotary_encoder.h.

◆ min_value

int32_t esphome::rotary_encoder::RotaryEncoderSensorStore::min_value {INT32_MIN}

Definition at line 33 of file rotary_encoder.h.

◆ pin_a

ISRInternalGPIOPin esphome::rotary_encoder::RotaryEncoderSensorStore::pin_a

Definition at line 28 of file rotary_encoder.h.

◆ pin_b

ISRInternalGPIOPin esphome::rotary_encoder::RotaryEncoderSensorStore::pin_b

Definition at line 29 of file rotary_encoder.h.

◆ resolution

RotaryEncoderResolution esphome::rotary_encoder::RotaryEncoderSensorStore::resolution {ROTARY_ENCODER_1_PULSE_PER_CYCLE}

Definition at line 32 of file rotary_encoder.h.

◆ rotation_events

std::array<int8_t, 8> esphome::rotary_encoder::RotaryEncoderSensorStore::rotation_events {}

Definition at line 39 of file rotary_encoder.h.

◆ rotation_events_overflow

bool esphome::rotary_encoder::RotaryEncoderSensorStore::rotation_events_overflow {false}

Definition at line 40 of file rotary_encoder.h.

◆ state

uint8_t esphome::rotary_encoder::RotaryEncoderSensorStore::state {0}

Definition at line 36 of file rotary_encoder.h.

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